Diversity and Inclusion is a Business Imperative.

Getting Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) information is a manual, time-consuming process – if available at all.  Access to candidate, industry, and competitive data is limited in scope; most organizations do not share their D&I information and there have been no available national databases for broad, consistent, and easy access.

IQ Talent DiversitySM: Real-time access to D&I insight for talent pipelining and benchmarking.

Workforce Logiq’s IQ Talent Diversity v1.0 is an AI-powered tool that uses proprietary algorithms to predict gender and ethnic statistics on our recruiting database of 100 million professional and knowledge worker candidates, 8 million U.S.-based companies, and their respective industry categories.

With IQ Talent Diversity insights provided by Workforce Logiq expert advisors, organizations now have real-time access to D&I statistics for talent pipelining and benchmarking – updated daily – with the ability to segment based on one or more qualifiers, including company, industry, geography, job title, job function, and job level (i.e. manager, director, VP, executive, board).

Why? Because pressure on organizations to commit to and show tangible D&I results is accelerating: No longer can organizations define their progress via corporate value bullet points on their websites.  Nor can they simply leverage traditional supplier diversity programs that funnel dollars to diverse vendors, but have no visible impact on improving diverse employee representation, including gender, ethnicity, and other D&I characteristics.

Financial and human resource investments will only build true momentum if organizations (1) have the tools to impact their pipeline of D&I candidates and, (2) have data-driven insights to quickly gauge, track, and compare their current internal performance vis-à-vis industry, national, and competitive benchmarks.

Supercharge your D&I Initiatives for Tangible Change

With Workforce Logiq’s IQ Talent Diversity solution and dedicated program teams, get complimentary, real-time access to:

Predictive Diversity Pipelining:

  • Identify the gender and ethnically-diverse candidates most willing to engage with recruiters and change jobs.
  • Build effective diverse candidate talent pools for high-demand skillsets that are in short supply – faster and more efficiently. Instant access to over 40 million Women, Black, Hispanic, and Asian-American professional and knowledge worker candidates in our proprietary talent database.
  • Leverage the most effective channels and candidate-specific messaging to reduce your time-to-hire and supercharge your diversity outreach with our patent-pending ENGAGE 5D ProfileSM and ENGAGE ME!SM algorithms.

Predictive Diversity Retention and Employee Engagement:

  • Target underrepresented employee groups most at risk of leaving your organization in the next 60 to 90 days, by role, skill set, and geography.
  • Know where your hard won talent goes when leaving the organization and why they leave – automatically.
  • Optimize employee-specific messaging to build custom retention communications with Workforce Logiq’s ENGAGE 5D Profile and ENGAGE ME! scores.

Predictive D&I Business Intelligence:

  • Real time diverse talent supply and demand analytics, compensation analyses, industry benchmarks, market trends, and competitive intelligence to supercharge your D&I initiatives.

Up Your Game with an Intelligence-Based D&I Approach

Workforce Logiq combines insights from the industry’s leading expert advisors, a global technology platform, proprietary market benchmarks, and patent-pending data science – like its IQ Diversity Talent algorithm to help companies make better workforce management decisions to respond to today’s demand for a more inclusive workplace.

IQ Talent Diversity data and insights are based on ethical AI practices and oversight, and do not use self-reporting data, any type of facial identification practices, candidate-level social media, or any personal, non-public information. The intelligence is intended for directional purposes to help guide pipelining activities; it is up to each recipient to ensure that the diversity data is used in strict compliance with applicable law.

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The total amount U.S. organizations are spending on diversity initiatives annually.

Source: Washington Post

The IQ Talent Diversity solution from Workforce Logiq makes it possible to have real-time market-specific D&I data at your fingertips. That makes it possible to have real-time maximum impact in your D&I initiatives."
– John Sumser, Principal Analyst, HR Examiner


The percent of Google's tech workforce that is African American – despite diversity initiative investments of $114 million in 2014 and $150 million in 2015.

Source: Washington Post

AI-Powered Diversity Benchmark Report

IQ Talent Diversity℠: Predictive Insights to Drive Diverse Talent Pipelines and Organizational Benchmarks.

Download the report to explore our proprietary diversity benchmarks.

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