Proprietary AI Models Drive Data-Driven Talent Location Decisions, Increase Cost Savings, and Navigate the Now Normal of Remote Work.

The world of work has fundamentally changed.  As employers begin to emerge from what has been called the world’s largest work-from-home experiment, over 80% expect an increase in remote employees once the pandemic dust settles – up to 50% of the Facebook workforce, as announced by CEO, Mark Zuckerberg – and even higher as highlighted by Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, who said that the company’s employees could work from home permanently.


While not all jobs are remote ready, working from home has become the now normal. Why?

  • Proven to work
  • Worker preference
  • Minimal productivity impact
  • Greater flexibility for scaling up – and down
  • Ongoing social distancing concerns
  • Cost savings: salary, travel, and real estate expense optimization

Today’s hyper-uncertain market means predictive insights and data-driven decisions are even more critical for effective workforce management. Organizations need to figure out who comes back to work, how (contingent vs. full-time, self-sourced vs. supplier), and where (office-based vs. remote).

Get Smart About Going Back to Work – Introducing the Workforce Logiq IQ Location Optimizer

How will your organization know which jobs go where? And, how will you ensure you get the best talent pool at the lowest cost?

Workforce Logiq expert advisors and our new IQ Location Optimizer let you unlock the predictive power in your contingent and full-time job reqs using proven data science.

We’ll see inside your requisitions and provide you insight using our expanded portfolio of AI-powered solutions:

Geo-Selection Engine℠

Prioritizes the best locations from which to recruit talent, given the job description and other employer specific requirements. Recommendations are based on geo-specific talent supply and demand gaps, salary profiles, willingness to engage with the company, existing office locations, quality of life metrics, local commuting patterns, and more.

Remote Role Recommender℠

Determines whether a certain role should be staffed on site, near remote (with commuting access to an existing office location), or in a fully remote arrangement. The model considers the employer’s corporate culture, role requirements, and industry and similar role benchmarks.

Role Collaboration Index℠

Identifies the frequency and importance of collaboration with co-workers to ensure successful delivery of projects and tasks for similar type roles.

Our IQ Location Optimizer solution and expert advisors give you the market insight you need to identify the best and biggest pool of available talent – at the best cost.

With Workforce Logiq, you’ll know how much your location decisions will drive talent quality and savings – before you make the offer. And, our location optimizer tools are fully automated – and integrated into our Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions.

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  1. More Remote/Virtual Work
  2. Disaster Recover Plans
  3. Health and Safety Measures in the Workplace
  4. Flexibility and Remote Work Policies
  5. Employee Engagement

Source: The Conference Board


The percent of organizations that expect an increase in employees working from home once the pandemic dust settles.

Source: The Conference Board


The number of AI-powered workflow patents filed by Workforce Logiq for its Total Talent Intelligence platform.

...a progressive Managed Service Provider that leads with innovation and revolutionary analytical competencies...An interesting mix of technology expertise that has resulted in Workforce Logiq becoming one of the industry’s most forward-looking platforms."
– Ardent Partners 2019 MSP Solution Adviser

It's a pleasure to cover a workforce management company that is actually doing what others have simply talked about for years… customer-centric innovation and the acceleration of adopting new technologies and data analytics/AI."
– Andrew Karpie, Research Director (Labor and Services Procurement), Spend Matters



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