Prediction: The Future of Workforce Management is Clear

For too long, employers have been recruiting, retaining, and managing talent using assumptions vs. data. By reacting and guessing vs. anticipating and predicting.

Now there’s a better way: Predictive Workforce ManagementSM from Workforce Logiq.

Workforce Logiq is the first company that combines the industry’s leading expert advisors, global technology platform, proprietary market benchmarks, and patent-pending data science to help companies make more informed talent decisions faster, earlier, and more cost-effectively.

ENGAGE: Your Competitive Edge

With our acquisition of AI software company, ENGAGE Talent, all of our offerings—including Managed Service Provider programs, Vendor Management System, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, and Direct Sourcing—are now powered by the people and predictive data, analytics, and insights you need for a competitive edge in today’s hyper-uncertain talent market.

ENGAGE analyzes and processes more than a billion data points every month to give Workforce Logiq expert advisors the Total Talent Intelligence® they need to help clients recruit, retain, and manage the full-time, contingent, and gig workers they need to grow.

What Does Predictive Workforce Management Include?  Our expert advisors give clients the competitive edge with:

With our proprietary Total Talent Intelligence platform, you’ll be the first to engage the right talent at the right time – with the most effective message.  Get the data and predictive insights on candidates, companies, markets, and industries, to recruit top candidates faster and more affordably than ever before, by identifying:

  • The passive candidates most willing to engage with recruiters and change jobs with our patent-pending Talent Retention Risk (TRR) ScoresSM.
  • Where and how to most effectively source high-demand skillsets that are in short supply – as well as the candidates to supercharge your diversity recruiting.
  • The most effective channels and candidate specific messaging to reduce your time-to-hire with our patent-pending ENGAGE 5D ProfileSM and ENGAGE ME!SM
  • Real time talent supply and demand analytics, compensation analyses, industry trends, and competitive intelligence.

Our predictive analytics and patent-pending AI scores help you minimize retention risk across your workforce by delivering real time insight into:

  • Who’s most at risk of leaving your organization in the next 60 to 90 days, by role, skill set, and geography— with our Talent Retention Risk (TRR) Scores.
  • Your key roles and retention risk profile vs. peer and industry benchmarks.
  • Where your talent goes when leaving the organization.
  • Why they leave.
  • Employee-specific messaging recommendations to build custom retention communications with our ENGAGE 5D Profile and ENGAGE ME! scores.

Data-driven decisions are key.  But companies can no longer rely solely on their own data to build and manage effective workforce management programs.  Workforce Logiq delivers Total Talent Intelligence with macro industry insights from over forty thousand sources to fully map the complex relationship between people, roles, competitors, and dynamic markets to provide you, in real time, with:

  • Talent supply and demand analytics and benchmarks.
  • Compensation analyses by role and geography.
  • Industry and competitive trends and intelligence.
  • Company and industry labor movement forecasts and benchmarks.
  • User-friendly design for HR, Procurement and hiring managers alike.

Our recent acquisition of ENGAGE Talent, as well as our unique supplier relationship with Upwork, the world’s largest Freelance Management Service Provider, means that Workforce Logiq is now the partner of choice, with a universal sourcing solution designed to address all or individual elements of our clients’ workforce acquisition and retention program, including full-time, contingent, and freelance/”gig” workers.

Only Workforce Logiq Offers These Patent-Pending AI Scores So You Can Predict More and React Less

Talent Retention Risk (TRR) ScoreSM

Benchmark for employment volatility that reveals likelihood of workers’ interest in exploring other jobs and openness to unsolicited recruiting outreach.


Predictor of employee-specific workplace characteristics for maximum job appeal and interest.


Predictor of candidate-specific attractiveness factors for new job opportunities based on their complete professional history (including employers, titles, tenure, and geography), dynamic market impacts, and peer actions.
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The Fall 2020 issue of SHRM’s HR Magazine discusses opportunities for strategic hiring amid the COVID-19 pandemic – featuring insights from Workforce Logiq’s Joe Hanna, Chief Strategy Officer, and Dr. Christy Petrosso (Whitehead), Chief Data Scientist and Talent Economist.

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