Delivering Intelligent Value Where it Counts

Helping our customers cost-effectively scale talent acquisition and management requires an obsessive focus on continuously delivering, measuring, and improving quality and speed—at the best possible cost. Workforce Logiq has robust quality assurance measures in every core operational function, using real-time assessment and post-production sampling to ensure the highest level of transactional quality.

Adding Value—Measurably
Every Workforce Logiq customer can leverage our nearly 20 years of experience, data, and insights, compiled during thousands of customer engagements.

Our Business Intelligence team provides proprietary national and peer benchmarks in order to set goals that make sense in a real-world context—and identify opportunities to drive value in the five areas below, that deliver the most bottom-line impact:

Real-Time Access – Whenever and Wherever You Need

The Workforce Logiq IQ Analytics Center provides direct access to a pre-configured suite of dynamic dashboards, available anytime, anywhere. No need to be connected or logged into the Workforce Logiq VMS.  Your data-driven business intelligence insights and analytics are designed for easy use and navigation with program data from the Workforce Logiq VMS – or the VMS of your choice.  Contact us for a demo.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
Workforce Logiq also monitors metrics and benchmarks customers as part of SLAs and key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards. In addition to creating custom metrics based on a customer’s specific requirements, we offer 35 standard supplier service levels and KPIs that can be applied by job classification. Measuring these across all programs allows us to:

  • Track and improve effectiveness across accounts
  • Ensure we are implementing best practices and procedures
  • Incorporate customer-specific SLAs upon request
  • Measure suppliers in our supplier network across all accounts, which creates transparency in our supplier partnerships

Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs)

Transparency and open communications are keys to optimizing workforce management over time.

That’s why, in addition to proactive, daily customer contact and 24 x 7 online and phone support, Workforce Logiq holds formal QBRs.

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