Predictive Workforce Management—Powered by Total Talent Intelligence

With so many employers pursuing the same candidates, you need a technology edge.

Workforce Logiq, via our integration of ENGAGE Talent, combines an enterprise’s internal talent data, external competitor data and broader market data, with proprietary, predictive AI models for the most holistic and validated talent intelligence worldwide.

Our data scientists and business intelligence experts have designed and built sixteen patented and patent-pending workflows and tools to help our dedicated program teams and customers more efficiently and quickly find, match, recruit, and manage the best talent at the right time and at the best possible cost.

For example, the Workforce Logiq proprietary workforce management platform analyzes hundreds of millions of data points to identify attributes and build AI-driven scores to help employers proactively address retention, recruitment, and skill supply and demand gaps.

Insights You Can Actually Use

Check out these innovative solutions – exclusively available from Workforce Logiq:


The IQ Rate Optimizer solution uses over 40,000 proprietary and public sources to benchmark how much an organization needs to pay to attract and win contingent and full-time talent based on unique, company-specific factors such as proprietary Talent Retention Risk (TRR) Scores℠, geographic locations, role requirements, brand attributes, competitive dynamics, supply and demand balances, and more.


The IQ Talent Diversity algorithm predicts gender and ethnic statistics on our recruiting database of 100 million professional and knowledge worker candidates, providing organizations with real-time access to D&I statistics for talent pipelining and benchmarking.


The IQ Location Optimizer unlocks the predictive power in your contingent and full-time job reqs, providing the data-driven insights you need to identify the best and biggest pool of available talent – at the best cost.


This algorithm helps companies expand the recruitment talent pool by providing a faster, more effective, and data-driven approach to identifying passive candidates most likely to be open to contingent or “gig” opportunities before they self-identify by applying for an open job posting.






Spotlight: Data Science Insight

What makes people stay in or leave their jobs?

Answering this question can give you a competitive edge in recruiting, retaining and managing your workforce. And it involves the type of complex data and artificial intelligence challenges we love, such as mapping the intricate but hard-to-spot relationships between people, their roles, the companies they work for, and how dynamic markets impact them over time.

Our Science:

  • Is the first to map the links between people, roles, companies, and dynamic markets using purely external data.
  • Is based on three decades of validated academic and industry research of the events that lead to employee turnover.
  • Relies on long term studies of career progression and the market forces impacting engagement and attrition.

Our commitment to excellence and integrity in data science is evidenced by our panel of Key Science and Industry Advisors who provide expert, independent perspectives on ethical use of advanced capabilities.

Christy Petrosso (Whitehead)

Chief Data Scientist and Talent Economist

Christy is our Chief Data Scientist and Talent Economist, leading the strategy and design of our predictive AI algorithms and machine learning models. Christy holds a PhD in Economics from Clemson University and has focused her career on employment and labor economics. Her previous experiences include key data science roles with PeopleMatter (acquired by Snag A Job) and Equifax. Christy is a frequent speaker in HR Analytics and machine learning conferences. She is also an active member of the Federal Reserve Roundtable.

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Patented and Patent-Pending Workflows

What a difference a year makes... (Workforce Logiq has) not only rebranded itself (from ZeroChaos), but truly transformed its solution to meet the evolving requirements of the Future of Work. On the heels of Workforce Logiq’s exciting new partnership with digital staffing provider Upwork, the acquisition of ENGAGE Talent is another step in its ‘year of innovation.'"
– Christopher Dwyer, CPO Rising

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