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Workforce Management AI-Powered Gender Gap Insights

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

To get proprietary gender diversity insights on the largest job category talent pools, we leveraged our IQ Talent DiversitySM algorithm for real-time insights.  We analyzed gender diversity across the Top 35 Job Categories – or over 35 million professional and knowledge worker candidates – using our proprietary Total Talent Intelligence® engine.

The report details how job categories compare on gender diversity.  Download the report to see in which job category women account for 89% of candidates … and in which category women account for only 14% of candidates.

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Key findings include:  ​​​​​

  • Administration – the largest job category — was made up of 68% women as identified by our predictive diversity algorithm.  That’s 2.16x the number of men in this job category.
  • Healthcare and Nursing – the 5th and 10th largest job categories – are both dominated by women, with over 3x and 8x the number of women vs. men respectively.
  • The Military— the smallest of the Top 35 job categories – has an extremely low women gender ratio: 0.19x the number of men – resulting in a highly imbalanced power dynamic.
  • Software Engineering and IT – two critical STEM job growth areas, are also well under-represented by women.

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