White Paper

Workforce Logiq 2019 U.S. Employee Fear & Mobility Index

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Did you know that the majority of workers believe that the economy is going to get worse and are already hunkering down to weather the anticipated storm by holding onto their current positions – making an already tight labor market even tighter?

Download your complimentary Workforce Logiq market research report: Employee Fear and Mobility Index Study, which reveals:

  • 72 percent of respondents said they had no plans to change their employment status in the next 12—18 months
  • As high as 66 percent of respondents have a negative view of the economy, perceiving that it will get worse in the next 12—24 months
  • 48 percent of workers believe there soon will be fewer opportunities for promotions and raises

While headlines have been providing conflicting market assessments for months – one day it’s bullish, one day bear – your employees seem to know something economists may not.

Employees’ fear of an economic downturn and their resistance to changing jobs brings significant challenges for employees who need to find and hire the best talent in a currently tight labor market.

Download our complimentary whitepaper for the full results of our proprietary research study.

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