White Paper

The State of Contingent Workforce Management 2020: Navigating Disruption and Uncertainty with an Agile Workforce by Ardent Partners

Wednesday, May 27, 2020



Ardent Partners has released a new independent research report for 2020 on the state of contingent workforce management (CWM) with some great stats and insights.  The report was sponsored by Workforce Logiq as part of our ongoing commitment to deliver expert guidance to our client partners.

According to their research:

“The non-employee workforce has moved beyond its mere tactical/augmentative past and into truly strategic territory; in fact, 98% of businesses today state that their non-employee workforce is critical in ‘getting work done.’”

“Direct sourcing will be a game changer in 2020 for those businesses that choose to invest the time and resources behind such a formidable talent strategy.”

“58% of businesses expect to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their talent acquisition programs over the next two years.”

At Workforce Logiq, our priorities align very nicely with how Ardent Partners is viewing the marketplace and how they define the Best-in-Class CWM program based on their research findings from nearly 275 business leaders in procurement, human resources, and finance from across more than 25 industries.

Read Ardent Partners’ new research report today to learn:

  • The current state of the contingent workforce and how current events, particularly the COVID-19 pandemic, are impacting global talent.
  • How the Future of Work and the concept of “work optimization” are pushing businesses to re-imagine how work gets done.
  • Insights into the Best-in-Class CWM program, such as performance across key areas, technology leveraged, and key strategies.
  • How companies across the world can harness the true power of the “agile workforce” not only today, but in the face of major business disruptions, and more.