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Predictive Insights to Find, Hire and Retain Today’s Most In-Demand Software Development Skills.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020


Upwork, the world’s largest work marketplace, recently announced the 15 most in-demand technical skills for independent web, mobile, and software developers. While interesting information for freelancers, organizations need to have greater insight to find, hire, and retain these critical skill sets for full-time and contingent workers in today’s hyper-uncertain talent marketplace.

So we decided to build on this data by leveraging our Total Talent Intelligence® platform to answer some critical questions we know our clients and organizations hiring for these skill sets  will have:

  • How likely will candidates with these leading skills be open to unsolicited recruiting calls?
  • Where are the best cities in which to find the most cost-effective and available candidate pools with these skills?
  • How likely will recruited talent with these skills help with an organization’s broader diversity and inclusion initiatives?
  • Do current employees with these skills hold greater retention risk?

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