The Link Between Contingent Workforce Management and the Future of Work

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


It’s the concept that has become synonymous with the evolution of business: the Future of Work. From artificial intelligence and machine learning to blockchain and augmented reality, every solution that sparks innovation is often heralded as an indicator of the very Future of Work. The fact is that we are all living in a new world of work, fueled by the consumerization of business and desire for enterprise agility, and any technology or strategy that can push business operations into the future is deemed a cog in the Future of Work model. However, what does this all really mean for today’s businesses? Is the Future of Work for real…or is merely a myth? Furthermore, why should today’s contingent workforce management (CWM) leaders care about this concept?

Join Christopher J. Dwyer, Vice President of Research at Ardent Partners, and Matthew Levine, Chief Operating Officer at Workforce Logiq, formerly ZeroChaos, as they discuss what the Future of Work really means for today’s companies, how they can thrive in the world of work, and how to best maximize the “convergence” at play between talent, technology, and the very concept of the Future of Work. Dwyer will highlight the key findings from his 2017-2018 State of Contingent Workforce Management: The Convergence of Talent, Technology, and the Future of Work report, and Levine will discuss how he sees organizations continuing to adapt to the dynamic changes happening in the market.

Attendees will learn:

  • Why “agility” has become the top desired state for today’s enterprises
  • The criticality of core CWM technology, such as VMS, in the new world of work
  • Why the concept of “total workforce management” should be associated with any Future of Work-led workforce model
  • How the continued evolution of talent engagement is shifting the focus for CWM programs
  • How organizations can prepare for the utilization of Future of Work innovations, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • How to overcome the major roadblocks to becoming an agile, Future of Work-ready organization, including a deep-dive into Ardent Partner’s new “Future of Work Framework”