The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Managing Today’s Total Workforce

Thursday, November 1, 2018


In 2018, nearly 15% of businesses are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) in some form to augment enterprise operations. This number is projected to triple in 2019 (according to Ardent Partners research) as organizations begin to more fully understand the potential of AI. Just as much as AI is a forward-looking technology, the concept of total talent management is an innovative, program-led strategy that can revolutionize how the average business integrates and leverages all types of talent, including full-time employees and contingent labor. And, as AI becomes more prominent in how businesses address work, its parallel impact will be felt in the structure of total talent management and its success.

Join Jim Burke, CEO of Workforce Logiq, formerly ZeroChaos, and Christopher J. Dwyer, VP of Research at Ardent Partners, as they not only demystify the real role of AI in today’s businesses but also draw links to the technology’s potential in making total talent management a true reality for organizations today and in the months and years to come.

Attendees will learn:

  • How AI is already being used by Workforce Logiq to help clients make better and faster hiring decisions.
  • How AI has been used to disrupt other industries, including telemedicine and legal discovery, to understand the power of innovation and how human-centered AI may be the future standard for maximizing the modern workforce.
  • Why the Future of Work depends on innovative solutions and strategies for total talent management – and to answer the question, “How does work get done across our complete talent pool?”
  • And more…