Recorded Webinar: Predictive Analytics: Actionable Insights to Find, Engage, Hire, and Retain Contingent and Permanent Talent in the UK with Workforce Logiq’s Total Talent Intelligence® Platform

Wednesday, June 16, 2021


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For too long, employers have been recruiting, retaining, and managing talent driven by assumptions rather than using data to make proactive – and predictive decisions about the types of talent they should be targeting and retaining. Workforce Logiq’s Total Talent Intelligence® platform now gives UK-based workforce management programs a competitive edge in today’s hyper-uncertain employment market with predictive intelligence to find, hire, and retain the talent they need to grow their businesses with confidence.

Join Workforce Logiq’s Chief Strategy Officer, Joe Hanna, and EVP Business Development, Gary Jones, as they unveil the industry’s most complete, modular, and integrated workforce management technology solution now available in the UK.

• Built internally by the company’s dedicated data science and talent economist team who designed its existing 16 patented and patent-pending innovations.

• Insights based on one billion data points, and 40,000 proprietary and public sources, with analytics on over 19 million global organizations and 100 million professionals.

• Includes a robust database of UK-based 20 million professional and knowledge workers and 5 million active companies.

Joe and Gary will demo the platform’s Market Research module, including its IQ Location Optimizer, ENGAGE 5D Profile, and Talent Retention Risk (TRR) Score, a proven benchmark of employment volatility within a company, competitor, or industry to reveal the likelihood of workers’ interest in exploring other jobs and openness to unsolicited recruiting outreach. TRR Scores are organization specific and help workforce management professionals anticipate and plan for future skill supply and demand gaps.

Attend this demo to find out how organizations are using game-changing analytics to innovate, disrupt, and solve for contingent and permanent talent challenges in today’s hyper-uncertain market.


Watch the Webinar