Actionable Insights From Exclusive Data and Analytics

Workforce Logiq provides proprietary benchmark data and in-depth analytics to give organizations an edge in meeting their ever-increasing requirements and expectations for winning talent:

  • Our reporting and analytics platform helps customers make better decisions faster, with real-time information reports and configurable dashboards.
  • Our Business Intelligence team works with customers to provide personalized expertise and context to help them understand and prioritize what the data is telling them—resulting in actionable insights.

With our reporting and analytics, users can:

  • Access more than 50 standard reports and dashboards
  • Leverage Business Intelligence experts to customize reports based on specific requirements
  • Modify existing reports using drag-and-drop functionality
  • Save reports for future use
  • Schedule reports for automatic delivery
  • Download reports into multiple file formats
  • Create professional, business quality presentations using chart and graph functionality

Supplier and Service Provider Performance Analysis
Workforce Logiq provides scorecards that track and display performance data for a customer’s entire network of suppliers—helping them dramatically improve the service level they receive from their supplier network.

  • Managers can access analytics regarding fill time, candidate quality, and pricing
  • Procurement teams can track performance to service levels
  • Suppliers have a clear picture of performance, incenting them to provide higher quality service

Workforce Logiq audits the supply chain on a quarterly basis—or based on the customer’s preferred frequency—to ensure adherence to the contracted requirements, such as background checks or insurance requirements.

Executive Dashboards—Customized to Your Requirements
Executive dashboards synthesize large amounts of information to show key performance indicators (KPIs), emerging trends, and potential problem areas. Workforce Logiq’s dashboards—integrated with our Vendor Management System (VMS)—place this critical information front and center for key users in the organization. These dashboards help executives:

  • Make better decisions faster, while eliminating the need to run reports or sift through numbers
  • Pinpoint and prioritize—with guidance from our Business Intelligence teams—where and when decisions need to be made


Sample Dashboards



Business Intelligence Director

AJ has extensive expertise in analyzing and interpreting data to enhance operations and efficiency. At Workforce Logiq he leads a team of reporting and business analysts developing actionable insights to help customers improve operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Popular Reports Include

Workforce Logiq offers more than 50 standard reports, as well as customized reports, to provide critical insights:

  • Headcount Report
  • Requisition Summary
  • Requisition Detail
  • Project Details
  • Project Summary
  • Invoicing
  • Supplier Performance
  • Engagements
  • Longevity