Intelligent Advisors, Just a Call, Click, or a Few Steps Away

Each customer program is typically managed by an account team (shown below) comprised of experienced professionals–all selected for his or her prior industry, domain, and workforce management experience. The composition of each team, including the mix of on-site vs. off-site resources, is driven by the scale and scope of our customer’s requirements, including geographic coverage and solutions selected.

Fast Answers and Proactive Recommendations

Our on-site teams and Global Solutions Centers provide you with in-depth, multi-level support and guidance, accessible whenever and however you need it–in person, via Web, or phone.

On-Site Account Teams
To ensure clear communications and facilitate relationship building at high-volume customer locations, Workforce Logiq provides dedicated teams of on-site expert guides, led by experienced Program Managers. On-site support enables us to truly understand the customer’s culture, provide proactive guidance, and be available for any immediate needs or escalations.

Global Solutions Centers (GSCs)
We support customers through a regional hub-and-spoke delivery model operating from nearby on-site locations or a Workforce Logiq GSC. The GSCs also provide support to all of our account teams to deliver services including:

  • Corporate Support (HR, finance, legal and compliance)
  • Onboarding
  • Customer Service
  • Supplier Engagement
  • Learning and Development
  • Employment Screening Solutions (ESS)

Rapid, Self-Service Support
Customers can access real-time, integrated, self-service support, 24 x 7, directly from our Vendor Management System (VMS).

We can't tell where they end, and we begin...they know our business."
– Global Automotive Client
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