The Workforce Logiq IQ Talent Network

It’s an employee’s market – with continued record unemployment and wage growth.  That means organizations need an edge to win the best talent, faster – and for less money.

The Workforce Logiq IQ Talent Network is a self-sourcing talent community that leverages intelligent technology to help you recruit U.S.-based candidates who are already engaged – which means you fill roles faster and more cost-effectively.

Quick and easy to deploy, the IQ Talent Network enhances supplier-based recruitment programs by using proprietary and proven data science and artificial intelligence (AI) tools and processes.  Whether your talent community members are alumni, silver medalists, or passive candidates most likely to align with your brand, we can help you identify top talent fast, nurture them with relevant content to build strategic relationships, and use data-driven applicant scoring and prioritization for more efficient contingent candidate shortlisting.

And it’s simple to get started – with no integration or training required for your organization.  Workforce Logiq’s expert team and technology takes care of it all.

ENGAGE Talent: Our Proprietary and Predictive Self-Sourcing Platform

We aggregate 40,000 sources of data on 100+ million professionals and 6 million companies – every day.  And, our proprietary Talent Retention Risk (TRR) ScoreSM and “Likely to be Contingent” algorithm means we can identify, target, and shortlist those candidates most likely to engage with our recruiters, apply for, and accept clients’ contingent job opportunities.

The ENGAGE Self-Sourcing platform also recommends talent-specific messaging and email subject lines to our recruiters to increase candidate response rates.  Our recruitment outreach typically gets 50%+ email open rates.

That’s the analytical advantage our clients need in today’s hyper-competitive talent market.

And it works: We find the right full-time talent faster.

2X as Receptive to Unsolicited Recruitment Messages

Candidates with a “Most Likely to Engage” TRR Score were twice as receptive to unsolicited recruitment messages and 63% more likely to change jobs, as compared to those who were predicted “unlikely” to be receptive.

Click to read Harvard Business Review article: Better Ways to Predict Who’s Going to Quit.

The Workforce Logiq IQ Talent Network makes contingent workforce management programs smarter in 3 ways:

The IQ Talent Network is a community of nurtured, self-sourced contingent candidates – including alumni, referrals, other known talent, and AI-identified professionals – who understand your employer brand and are ready to work for your organization.  Cost savings is the #1 reason why 75%+ of current MSP users find self-sourcing an attractive recruiting solution*.

*Source: 2019 Graph Research

The IQ Talent Network technology platform automates the process of self-sourced hiring by using AI-based tools to find and shortlist top talent quickly – with automated direct response and communication tools to deliver a better – and more consumer-based recruitment experience to candidates who are more likely to apply for and accept your open positions.  All without any integration or training required for your organization.

The Workforce Logiq IQ Talent Network is the perfect combination of expert advisors and transformational technology to give your organization an edge to find the talent you need to grow.  Let us empower your self-sourcing by making it a part of a complete contingent recruitment program – with the compliance, cost control, and business intelligence that is Workforce Logiq.

[Self-Sourcing is] absolutely the way of the future. If you can create talent pools, and you do it well – it’s a game changer.”

Self-sourcing of top talent is a must-have for every performant contingent workforce strategy.

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    Save Money

    Higher Quality Talent

    Better Candidate Fit

After only one month, we were able to cut time-to-fill nearly in half for contingent worker open positions using self-sourcing. As our MSP partner, Workforce Logiq provides the right combination of expert advisors and innovative AI-based tools to give us the edge we need to find and shortlist top talent quickly and cost efficiently. "
– Global Technology Company


of current MSP users find self-sourcing an attractive recruiting solution.
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