Actionable Workforce Management Insights From Exclusive Data and Analytics

Workforce Logiq provides proprietary benchmark data and in-depth analytics to give organizations an edge in meeting their ever-increasing requirements and expectations for hiring fulltime, contingent and gig talent:

  • Our IQ Analytics Center helps customers make better decisions faster, with real-time and interactive data visualizations. Dynamic dashboards make it easy to filter, explore, and mine your program data to go from questions to insights – instantly.
  • Our Business Intelligence team works with customers to provide personalized expertise and context to help them understand and prioritize what the data is telling them— and how it compares to our global database of peer and industry benchmarks.

IQ Analytics CenterSM

The Workforce Logiq IQ Analytics Center provides the competitive head start you need to win in today’s hyper-uncertain talent market:

  • Direct access to a pre-configured suite of dynamic dashboards. Ability to partner with dedicated Business Intelligence team to define and build custom dashboards.
  • Available anytime, anywhere. No need to be connected or logged into the Workforce Logiq VMS.
  • Single-click drill down functionality, informed by NLP technology (Natural Language Processing).
  • Customized to the way you work – and think. Predictive Pulse alerts bring intelligence right to your inbox before you even ask for it.
  • Automated, pre-built extracts to create “on the fly” data cubes for self-reporting and analytics for users integrating program data into their organization’s internal databases and systems.
  • Create professional, business quality presentations from automated chart and graph functionality.
  • Designed for easy use and navigation with program data from the Workforce Logiq VMS – or the VMS of your choice.

Sample Dashboards


Total Talent IntelligenceSM with ENGAGE

With our acquisition of AI software company, ENGAGE Talent, all our offerings—including Managed Service Provider Programs, Vendor Management System, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, and Direct Sourcing—are now powered by the predictive data, analytics, and insights you need for a competitive edge in today’s hyper-uncertain talent market.

ENGAGE analyzes and processes more than a billion data points every month to give organizations the Total Talent Intelligence they need to more efficiently recruit, retain, and manage the full-time, contingent, and gig workers they need to grow.

Supplier and Service Provider Performance Metrics and Analytics

Workforce Logiq expert advisors provide analytic scorecards to track and display performance data for a customer’s entire network of suppliers—helping them benchmark and optimize recruiting efficiencies.

  • Managers can access analytics regarding fill time, candidate quality, and pricing.
  • Procurement teams can track performance to service levels.
  • Suppliers have a clear picture of performance, incenting them to provide higher quality service.

Workforce Logiq audits the supply chain on a quarterly basis—or based on the customer’s preferred frequency—to ensure adherence to the contracted requirements, such as background checks or insurance requirements.



Business Intelligence Director

AJ has extensive expertise in analyzing and interpreting data to enhance operations and efficiency. At Workforce Logiq he leads a team of reporting and business analysts developing actionable insights to help customers improve operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.



Talent Retention Risk (TRR) ScoreSM: U.S. Worker Volatility

-0.25 vs. prior week
Andrea Sugden Chief Global Sales Officer


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