Mobile Enabled Employment Screening Solutions

Hiring the right employees is key to the success of any growing business – but it is particularly difficult in a strained hiring market. Quick Search’s comprehensive employment screening packages, mobile-enabled screening portal, and compliant pre-employment background screening protocols help you hire with confidence – fast.

Founded in 1991, Quick Search is a fully licensed, bonded and insured private investigation firm. Our team of expert researches have provided accurate and compliant candidate experiences to more than 5,000 organizations on more than 5,000,000 screening reports.

Comprehensive Screening Service Suite

Quick Search’s comprehensive screening solution suite includes:

  1. Background Checks
  2. Drug Testing
  3. Electronic I-9s & E-Verify Solution
  4. Motor Vehicle Records
  5. International Screening
  6. Social Media Screening

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When you find your next hire, start the screening process right away. Our mobile screening portal provides:

  1. Faster time-to-hire
  2. Better completion rates
  3. Custom branding
  4. Security and privacy

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In the digital age, more of your potential candidate’s personal thoughts are public opinions – posted directly to their social media feeds or present in their social media interactions. Don’t risk your company’s reputation, or your team’s cohesion by hiring candidates who broadcast controversial posts or opinions in the public sphere – add social screening services powered by Social Intelligence to your background screening packages today.

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MEET: Chris Shyrock

Managing Director, Employee Screening Services

Chris Shyrock joined Workforce Logiq in October 2019 as Managing Director, Employment Screening Solutions (ESS). Previously, he was Director of Customer Success for First Advantage and a Product Analyst at LexisNexis. Chris has 18+ years of domestic and global background screening, with strong experience in customer experience, operations, product management, and technology.