Exclusive Access to the Largest Global Pool of Freelance Talent

Freelancers are a large, growing, and demographically important market for bolstering talent supply chains. As the “digital nomad” lifestyle becomes increasingly popular — highly skilled, highly educated workers are gravitating to freelancing.  In fact, according to the 2019 Freelancing in America study, 57 million U.S. workers are freelancing, contributing nearly $1Trillion in freelancing income to the economy.

Workforce Logiq’s exclusive partnership with Upwork offers our clients the flexibility and benefits of accessing millions of registered freelancers, with 5,000 skills across 70 categories of work—with the oversight, compliance, and control of our Managed Service Provider (MSP) program.

Integrated into the Workforce Logiq solution suite, your organization will have unprecedented access to Upwork’s talent network to find:

  1. Cost-effective, highly productive workforce options,
  2. Hard-to-find or highly sought after skillsets, and
  3. A growing group of talent that prefers non-traditional positions.

Our exclusive partnership brings together the flexibility and benefits of a freelance talent solution with the financial control, compliance oversight, and consolidated reporting and billing of our Managed Service Provider program:

  • Ensure competitive rates.​
  • Provide compliance
  • Manage co-employment risks.​
  • Provide compliant payroll options.​
  • Aggregate FMS-related requisitions.​
  • Seamless VMS
  • Provide one-stop reporting.​
  • Provide one-stop billing.

Self-sourcing of top talent is a must-have for every performance contingent workforce strategy.

Interested in self-sourcing or accessing freelance talent at scale? Contact us today.


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Market Perspective on Accessing Freelance Talent at Scale

In a recent CPO Rising Podcast, Chris Dwyer sat down with Jim Burke, CEO of Workforce Logiq, and Stephane Kasriel, former CEO of Upwork, to discuss how our partnership is a game changer in today’s tight labor market.

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As companies struggle to find highly-specialized skills on demand, technology is giving professionals the freedom and flexibility to choose how and where they work. Our partnership with Workforce Logiq opens new opportunities for both clients and professionals alike by providing flexible access to cutting-edge work, while decreasing the time to engage and driving operational efficiencies."
– CEO of Upwork