Intelligent Payrolling to Help You Scale Globally

With ever-evolving legislation and the potential for costly fines and litigation, the need for professional payrolling has never been greater. Workforce Logiq provides professional payroll services throughout the United States and many countries around the world, both as the direct employer of record and through our international network of professional payroll service providers.

Blended Pricing Ensures Lowest Possible Cost

Our blended payroll pricing model is designed to provide hiring managers with upfront discounts resulting from workers reaching their SUTA, FUTA and FICA employer tax limits. By leveraging proven processes, technology, and expertise, our Employer of Record solutions have delivered client savings of between $10,000 – $15,000 per contractor—that’s $1 million annually for over 100 payrollees.

Workforce Logiq Payrolling Benefits

  • Proprietary technology platform and integrated back-office procedures significantly reduce administrative burden and free up valuable resources
  • Reduces risk exposure to your organization (co-employment liabilities, worker misclassification)
  • Provides cost savings advantages
  • Leverages talent within your own network
  • Can reduce cycle time-to-hire for known resources through our automated online enrollment and employment screening
  • Talent search functionality lets you search and redeploy “repeat performers” across your enterprise to improve productivity
  • And check out our purpose-built payroll and time capture solution for Microsoft 365 for Finance and Operations from LOKI Systems, a Workforce Logiq company.

Case Study

Using Workforce Logiq’s global payroll expertise resulted in a 26% cost reduction in the US and a 59% cost reduction internationally."
Total Transparency

Our Open Book Accounting shows you the exact cost of services including wages, taxes, insurance and profit.

And because our solution captures costs in real-time and provides consolidated billing, we can help you break down your labor spend to spot inefficiencies and realize substantial savings.





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