We Take the Complexity Out of Compliance

The rapidly increasing need for contingent workers puts the burden on organizations to navigate the growing and rapidly changing complexities of employment law–which can be a full-time job. Workforce Logiq brings unmatched experience and expertise to assessing your organization’s risks. Using a consultative approach, we tailor a strategic program that refines, manages, and continually optimizes a compliant contingent workforce.

Workforce Logiq IC Management checks all the boxes to minimize organizational risk:

  • Indemnification to all clients in US and Canada.
  • Audit support at no additional cost.
  • Full integration with Workforce Logiq’s EoR solution.
  • Compliance protocols, customized to each client’s scale, scope, and culture.
  • Comprehensive compliance evaluation recommendation using a web-based process.
  • Document collection, review, and maintenance.
  • Managed invoice and payment processing.
  • Issuance of 1099s for tax purposes.

Independent Contractor Management (ICM) Services Eliminate Risk

Every organization must have a strategy to reduce and eliminate the risk of fines, penalties, and possible litigation. Over our two-decade long partnership with one of the nation’s leading labor law firms, Workforce Logiq developed a comprehensive and proprietary global Independent Contractor Compliance solution, using guidelines such as:

  • The IRS common law test
  • ABC test
  • Department of Labor guidelines
  • Economics realities test

Intelligent Process and Technology—Plus Expert Guidance

Unlike other firms who rely solely on an automated questionnaire to determine classifications, Workforce Logiq’s unique process is facilitated through our vendor management system (VMS).  This maintains a digital record compliance process, enables tracking of real-time metrics, responsiveness, and detailed reporting in the case of audits or other actions. Our solution includes:

  • An online assessment, collection, validation, and electronic storage of all documentation
  • A dual compliance expert review by two of our compliance specialists prior to issuing a recommendation

Proven Expertise—We’ve Never Had a file Overturned 

An ICM solution is only as good as the people behind it. Established in 1994, the average compliance experience of our team is eight years. We’ve completed tens of thousands of evaluations without a single recommendation overturned in a state or federal audit.

Consultative Approach

Your business is unique and so are your risks. We gather documentation and work directly with you to understand your company, culture, and challenges to create an ICM program specific to your needs.

Payrolling Options

We offer a world-class payroll solution that reduces the processing costs, mitigates risks, and helps engage and retain top talent, while eliminating the need to worry about employment law exposure for those workers who do not qualify as ICs.

What You Don't Know Can Cost You

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