Maximize Cost-Effective Workforce Management with an Integrated MSP and VMS Solution

Leveraging Workforce Logiq’s integrated Managed Services Provider (MSP) program and Vendor Management System (VMS) transforms the way you procure and manage contingent workers and services. This end-to-end solution improves workforce management by:

  • Reducing costs and streamlining processes
  • Mitigating risks and ensuring compliance
  • Leveraging advanced technology to increase visibility, control, and insights

Every aspect of our web- and mobile-based solution includes an invaluable feature that goes far beyond what other companies can offer: Unmatched intelligence.

Intelligent Expert Advisors
The world’s foremost workforce management experts and dedicated Business Intelligence team—committed to your mission—are just a few steps, a call, or click away. They pride themselves on being guides not order takers, adding value by showing you the best path forward. Because we are 100% verifiably vendor neutral, you can be sure our goals are always aligned with yours.

Intelligent Data and Insights
Your dedicated Workforce Logiq team has real-world experience and delivers data-driven insights to help you make more informed decisions. You get access to more than 50 standard reports, and our Business Intelligence team can create custom reports—to help you see inside your data. We also provide exclusive peer and industry benchmarks, based on our predictive and prescriptive data analytics. Our purpose-built performance dashboards give you real-time visibility and control.

Intelligent Technology
Our secure VMS solution—accessible anytime and anywhere—delivers increased performance, visibility, and financial control. Patent-pending workflows and AI-powered tools save you time, while maximizing talent quality and reducing your total contingent labor management costs.

Fully Integrated with Our VMS or Yours

Workforce Logiq’s MSP program can be integrated either with our best-of-breed, purpose-built VMS or the VMS selected by our customer.

We have extensive experience working with a number of VMS providers to implement both US-based and global workforce management solutions including Beeline®, IQNavigator®, and SAP Fieldglass—with whom we have a global licensing partnership.

Regardless of which VMS our clients choose, experienced technology and implementation team members will collaborate and advise on how to design the optimal solution you need to streamline and simplify your workforce management planning, while giving you complete control over your contract labor.


Case Study

Workforce Logiq uncovered $18 million of untracked spending."

Case Study

We've reduced new hire turnover to less than 1% since partnering with Workforce Logiq."


Underestimated contract labor spend typically found by our expert advisors.