ENGAGE Data and Expert Insights: Your Competitive Talent Edge

The predictive analytics and AI software capabilities of ENGAGE Talent are now part of the Workforce Logiq family—and a key differentiator for delivering measurable value to our clients.  Market leading companies are already making smarter and faster workforce management decisions by partnering with Workforce Logiq expert advisors and ENGAGE’s Total Talent Intelligence® platform.

It’s the predictive head start you need to find, reach, recruit and retain the talent you need to win in today’s hyper-uncertain market.

ENGAGE Solutions and Workforce Logiq Expert Advisors Help You Predict More and React Less:

  • Proprietary database of 100 million prospects
  • Exclusive targeting capabilities to reach and convert passive candidates before your competitors can
  • Target the full-time and contingent candidates most likely to respond
  • AI-driven insights into talent location decisions through our IQ Talent Location Optimizer℠
  • Expand recruitment pool with candidates most likely to be open to contingent opportunities, now or in the future
  • Avoid “list fatigue” and build a trusting relationship with every candidate from the most important first touch

Learn more about how to seamlessly leverage ENGAGE’s predictive intelligence within our MSP and RPO programs at no additional cost.

  • Retention and turnover risk predictions by role, skill set, and geography
  • Competitive industry and peer employee volatility benchmark comparisons
  • Insights to focus your pulse surveys
  • The results of listening to over 40,000 web sources at your fingertips
  • Real-time feeds and analytics

Learn more about how to seamlessly leverage ENGAGE’s predictive intelligence within our MSP and RPO programs at no additional cost.

  • Valuable and real-time sourcing intelligence on candidates and their companies
  • Daily actionable alerts of changes impacting your target candidates and their availability to engage in a job change conversation
  • Competitive peer and industry benchmarks, including Talent Retention Risk (TRR) Score and ENGAGE 5D Profile analytics
  • Actionable Talent supply and compensation analytics and other key industry trends

Learn more about how to seamlessly leverage ENGAGE’s predictive intelligence within our MSP and RPO programs at no additional cost.

The Power Behind Predictive Workforce Management

ENGAGE has developed proprietary, patent-pending, AI-driven scores to help employers proactively address retention, recruitment, and skill supply and demand gaps.

For example:

Talent Retention Risk (TRR) ScoreSM

Benchmark for employment volatility within a company, competitor or industry that reveals likelihood of workers’ interest in exploring other jobs and openness to unsolicited recruiting outreach. TRR Scores also help organizations anticipate and plan for future skill supply and demand gaps.


Predictor of company-specific workplace characteristics for maximum job appeal and interest. Helps you develop AI informed recruitment messaging to maximize response rates and retention messaging to keep your valued employees.


Predictor of candidate-specific attractiveness factors for new job opportunities based on their complete professional history (including employers, titles, tenure, and geography), dynamic market impacts, and peer actions.

The ENGAGE Difference: Insights You Can Actually Use

Employers need more than insights that just sit in a database or dashboard. They need useful and actionable intelligence. That’s why ENGAGE’s platform is designed to be practical and user-friendly for non-technical HR, Procurement and hiring managers.

Validated by Data Scientists - and Clients too!

2X as Receptive to Unsolicited Recruitment Messages

Candidates ENGAGE identified as “most likely” to be receptive to new job opportunities were twice as receptive to unsolicited recruitment messages and 63% more likely to change jobs, as compared to those who were predicted “unlikely” to be receptive.  Click to read Harvard Business Review article: Better Ways to Predict Who’s Going to Quit.


ENGAGE Awarded 2019 Most Interesting AI Company in HR Technology from HR Examiner



Talent Retention Risk (TRR) ScoreSM: U.S. Worker Volatility

+0.12 vs. prior week
Andrea Sugden Chief Global Sales Officer


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