The Workforce Logiq IQ Talent Network

Workforce Logiq’s IQ Talent Network utilizes advanced, predictive direct sourcing technology to proactively build talent pools of pre-qualified candidates interested in contingent, full-time or freelance/gig work opportunities.

We aggregate and analyze 40,000 sources of data on 100+ million professionals and 8 million companies every day—ensuring you have immediate access to the best talent for each role.

As soon as your job requisition comes through, we automatically identify the best candidates most likely to engage with your opportunity using our proprietary AI-powered insights—enabling you to hire better, faster, and more cost effectively.

The Leading Proprietary, Predictive Direct Sourcing Platform

Quick and easy to deploy, the IQ Talent Network uses proprietary and proven data science and artificial intelligence (AI) to complement and enhance supplier-based recruitment programs.

Whether your talent community members are alumni, silver medalists, or passive candidates most likely to align with your brand, our direct sourcing solution can help you identify top talent fast, nurture them with relevant content to build strategic relationships, and use data-driven applicant scoring and prioritization for more efficient contingent candidate shortlisting.

The IQ Talent Network’s AI-powered workflows also recommend talent-specific messaging and email subject lines to your recruiters to increase candidate response rates. Our recruitment outreach typically gets 50%+ email open rates.

Best of all, it’s simple to get started with our IQ Talent Network: no integration or training is required for your organization. Workforce Logiq’s expert team and technology takes care of everything—at no extra cost.

Data and Predictive Insights You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Behind the scenes of our IQ Talent Network, our proprietary Talent Retention Risk (TRR) Score℠ “Likely to Engage” and “Likely to be Contingent” algorithms mean we can identify, target, and shortlist those candidates most likely to engage with our recruiters, and to apply for, and accept clients’ contingent job opportunities. We also offer proprietary predictive scores for full-time candidates as part of our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution.

Only Workforce Logiq has fourteen patented and patent-pending workflows and tools, all developed and continuously enhanced by our team of data scientists and business intelligence experts. They’re all working to give clients the analytical advantage they need in today’s talent market, so they can find the right talent—faster.

The IQ Talent Network is a community of nurtured, self-sourced contingent candidates—including alumni, referrals, other known talent, and AI-identified professionals—who know and understand your employer brand and are more likely to be interested in your organization. Because our IQ Talent Network is also Remote-Ready, we can find, screen, hire, and manage talent in less competitive and lower cost markets to complement your onsite worker resources.

Cost savings is the number one reason that 75%+ of current MSP users find direct sourcing an attractive recruiting solution*.

*Source: 2019 Graph Research

The proprietary, advanced technology behind our IQ Talent Network uses AI-based tools to automate the self-sourced hiring process and shortlist top talent quickly. Our automated direct response and communication tools deliver a more candidate-focused recruitment experience to those who are more likely to apply for and accept your open positions. All without any integration or training required for your organization.

The Workforce Logiq IQ Talent Network is the perfect combination of expert advisors and transformational technology to give your organization an edge to find the talent you need to grow. There is tremendous power and synergy when you integrate your direct sourcing program as part of a complete contingent recruitment program that includes compliance, cost control, and Workforce Logiq’s best-in-class business intelligence.

[Direct Sourcing is] absolutely the way of the future. If you can create talent pools, and you do it well – it’s a game changer.”
– Global Purchasing Manager, Global Automotive Company

Case Study

A €12 billion European-based information technology company with 110,000 employees turned to Workforce Logiq when they needed to quickly hire 750 fully remote call center workers to help handle a U.S. state’s skyrocketing, COVID-19 related unemployment inquiries. We leveraged the IQ Talent Network, our predictive, AI-powered direct sourcing platform, to hire and payroll 125+ remote customer service center workers in the first 48 hours—and onboard hundreds of additional workers within the first week.


Direct Sourcing of top talent is a must-have for every performant contingent workforce strategy.

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Direct Sourcing Toolkit

“Direct sourcing is a revolutionary means of tapping into highly skilled, on-demand talent in the face of global uncertainty and business disruption.”

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Harvard Business Review

The Harvard Business Review article, Better Ways to Predict Who’s Going to Quit, showed that candidates with a “Most Likely to Engage” TRR Score were:


as receptive to unsolicited recruitment messages


more likely to change jobs, as compared to those who were predicted “unlikely”

Faced with an unprecedented COVID-19 related emergency, we were able to HIRE AND PAYROLL 125+ REMOTE CUSTOMER SERVICE WORKERS IN 48 HOURS."
– Global Information Technology Company


That’s the email open rate of our AI-powered recruitment outreach efforts.

Our Proprietary Platform includes: 


data sources


million professionals

After only one month, we were able to CUT TIME-TO-FILL NEARLY IN HALF for contingent worker open positions using direct sourcing. As our MSP partner, Workforce Logiq provides the right combination of expert advisors and innovative AI-based tools to give us the edge we need to find and shortlist top talent quickly and cost efficiently. "
– Global Technology Company
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