Leveraging the Talent You Already Know

Many sourcing suppliers are good at finding talent and using the traditional engagement process. But what about talent employers already know? Or talent they want to engage differently—or directly?

Workforce Logiq’s unique suite of Alternative Sourcing Solutions includes private-label solutions to leverage relationships with talent you already know and trust, as well as crowdsourcing options to engage talent for smaller, on-demand projects.

Private Label Sourcing

To fill jobs rapidly, organizations can reach out to a dedicated database of their former or referral employees, under their brand. This approach helps retain precious workforce and knowledge and leverage talent that already knows your culture and can ramp up quickly. Private Label Solutions deliver:

  • More efficient process for capturing in-network talent for temporary or project-based work
  • A private-label talent pool that’s already familiar with your culture, potentially reducing turnover
  • Pre-screened talent that’s matched based on prior applied experience in your environment, creating better job matches, and requiring only quick checks for availability–reducing cycle time to hire
  • Talent already trained to the specifications of your projects, resulting in productivity from day one
  • The ability to recapture intellectual capital from departing talent and their known skills and expertise
  • An opportunity to save 15-30% off market rates vs. staffing company markups
  • Pay-for-performance models and no start-up costs
  • Mitigation of independent contractor risk and other financial and employment risks associated with engagement of contingent workers


Crowdsourcing a project can save significant cost, while providing a success rate typically higher than an employer’s internal teams can deliver. With our broad reach, Workforce Logiq:

  • Locates and onboards resources into the crowdsourcing program
  • Performs background checks
  • Validates independent contractor status
  • Provides any needed training on the program
  • Pays on solution delivery
  • Consolidates all work into one invoice, reducing administrative overhead

Case Study

In North America, this model generated savings of $14,000 per contractor."




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