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From PRO Unlimited CEO, Kevin Akeroyd

Welcoming Workforce Logiq into the PRO Unlimited family brings together two like-minded teams, both passionate about and committed to reimagining and transforming how organizations find, engage, and retain the talent they need to grow.

We have watched Workforce Logiq in its own transformation and have been impressed with their development and delivery of innovative and powerful software and services that help clients make informed talent decisions faster, earlier, and more cost-effectively. 

Like PRO, Workforce Logiq’s people, processes and Integrated Workforce Management (IWM) platform work together to provide a more optimal experience for clients around the globe looking to modernize mission-critical non-employee workforce programs, which have become a top four spend category in many organizations.

Now, together, we will have the scale and breadth of operations to serve clients virtually anywhere in the world, provide tremendous value from integrated technology solutions, and continue to rethink how companies achieve greater management, performance and financial control over their workforce and talent supply chains.

I’m thrilled to welcome Workforce Logiq’s clients and team members and to take this next step in accelerating our combined growth, global expansion, and IWM platform innovation.   Our journey together has just begun.

From Workforce Logiq CEO, Jim Burke

Our journey continues.

When I joined Workforce Logiq, I saw three critical challenges that workforce management providers had to address.

First, incredible disruption in how we’ve all been doing business, which is making competing for and managing talent exponentially more complex.

Second, a clear client mandate for workforce management partners to step up—to do more to help organizations efficiently and cost-effectively win the talent they need to grow.

And third, much higher client expectations for how workforce management providers invest in and deliver more innovative solutions—especially in using advanced technologies to increase talent quality, retention, and program cost efficiency.

It is remarkable how relevant all three remain today.  The stakes have never been higher.

And, it was based on these challenges that we defined Workforce Logiq’s mission: To reimagine and transform how clients, like you, win the talent they need to grow – now and into the future.



Workforce Logiq Acquisition: Frequently Asked Questions

We are pleased to announce that the acquisition of Workforce Logiq by PRO Unlimited to create a leading global workforce management solutions provider is officially completed.

We understand you may have questions with this news.  Below are answers to some of the most likely questions.


Today we announced that, through an agreement between Workforce Logiq and global investment firm EQT Partners, PRO Unlimited has acquired Workforce Logiq from Carlyle to become one of the most-innovative global workforce contingent management solutions providers in the market.

As one company, PRO and Workforce Logiq will bring their complementary capabilities together to provide the scale and breadth of operations to serve our clients virtually anywhere in the world, provide tremendous value-add from our integrated technology solutions, and deliver differentiated solutions and insights to transform how our clients achieve greater management, performance, and financial control over their workforce and talent supply chains.


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Confidence in Numbers

Together Workforce Logiq and PRO Unlimited have expanded global reach:

  • 2,300 + Global Workforce Management Experts
  • Clients Served in 119 Countries
  • 10,000+ Global Supplier Relationships
  • $13B Spend Under Management
  • 30 Global Offices across 17 Countries
  • 30 Patented and Patent-Pending Workflows
  • Founded in 1991 – 3 Decades of experience.
  • Backed by EQT
  • Integrated Workforce Management (IWM) Platform consists of DaaS, SaaS and services for the Fortune 1000 and beyond.
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