A letter from our CEO

Predict More. React Less

Our Acquisition of ENGAGE Talent Helps Employers See Over the Horizon

Jim Burke
CEO, Workforce Logiq

Recently Workforce Logiq announced our acquisition of ENGAGE Talent, a leader in predictive analytics for workforce recruiting, retention, and business intelligence. I’d like to share why we partnered with ENGAGE and how their revolutionary, datadriven capabilities are a game-changer that address the very real challenges our customers face every day.


In my ongoing conversations with our clients, prospective partners, industry analysts, and other expert advisors, there’s a clear and consistent need among employers regarding workforce management: to be less reactive. To be able to see the horizon and what’s beyond it. To have the ability to anticipate—accurately. Addressing these issues requires something that the workforce management industry has lacked until now: predictive data and analytics that illuminate important insights for better recruiting and retention decision making in the current—and future—talent landscape.


My team and I personally vetted multiple predictive data solutions before we saw ENGAGE’s demo. With ENGAGE, we immediately recognized—
and felt—the differences:

  • First, predictive AI-powered algorithms that intake, score, and define proprietary metrics to help clients make proactive decisions about who and what types of talent they should be targeting, and when, how and even why to target them.
  • Second, ENGAGE is based on proven science, validated research, and continuous analysis of over 1 billion data points a month. Organizations like Dell, Allstate, and USAA are already using ENGAGE to achieve quantifiable results.
  • Third—and perhaps most uniquely—ENGAGE makes its business intelligence useful for HR, Procurement and hiring managers alike. ENGAGE is disruptive because they—now we—deliver insights in a way that is easy to understand, and – if you’ll forgive me – more engaging.


Workforce Logiq’s expert advisors can now leverage ENGAGE Talent’s proprietary, data-driven insights on behalf of our growing list of global clients. For example, ENGAGE’s exclusive, patent-pending Talent Retention Risk modeling predicts how likely an organization – or its competition – is to experience employee churn across specific roles, functions, and locations, enabling organizations to proactively address retention, recruitment, and skill supply and demand gaps. According to customer feedback and empirical research, including recent independent results published in Harvard Business Review, using ENGAGE Talent can help:

  • Accurately identify and shortlist candidates most willing and likely to engage with recruiters, apply for, and accept jobs.
  • Recommend and prioritize most effective channels for sourcing for known roles and future talent pipelines, including AI-powered candidate-specific predictive messaging.
  • Benchmark talent supply and demand analytics, real-time compensation analyses, industry and competitive trends and intelligence.


Our combination with ENGAGE—plus our recent partnership with Upwork—have another tremendous benefit for our clients:

Workforce Logiq is now the partner of choice, with a universal sourcing solution designed to address all or individual elements of your workforce acquisition and retention program, including full-time, contingent, and freelance/”gig” workers.

The combination of ENGAGE Talent with Workforce Logiq shows that our mission— to reimagine and transform how clients win the talent they need to grow—is more than words; it drives actions that benefit our customers. I look forward to introducing you to ENGAGE Talent’s capabilities and showing you how our unique predictive workforce management capabilities are a significant leap forward in our industry—one that will help you start predicting more and reacting less.


Jim Burke
CEO, Workforce Logiq

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