We’re Changing Our Name. And Raising Our Game.

During my time as CEO of ZeroChaos–and through the many visits and discussions I have had with customers–I see that workforce management providers have three critical challenges to address:

  1. Incredible disruption in our industrywhich is making your job of competing for and managing talent exponentially more complex
  2. A clear customer mandate for workforce management partners to do more to help organizations efficiently and cost-effectively win the talent they need to grow
  3. Much higher customer expectations for how workforce management providers invest in and deliver more innovative solutions—especially in using advanced technologies to increase talent quality, retention, and program cost efficiency



Our Name is Changing – FAQs for Our Clients


Why did you change your brand name?  


How should I spell your new company name? Should I use all capital letters like your new logo?  


Why are you spelling your name as “Logiq” – with a “q” rather than “Logic” – with a “c”?  


What happens if I misspell your company name when I email you or want to go to your website?  


What is your new email address?  


When will your email address change?  


What is your new website address? When will it be available?  


Is there any legal impact, such as changes to our service agreements, including contracts, non-disclosure agreements, purchase orders, quotes, or statements of work?  


Is there any change to how we are invoiced? Will the company’s financial information change?  


Will there be any impact to our automated data feeds?  


Will there be any changes to how I access the VMS (currently known as ZC Web)?  


Will my historical data and reports with ZeroChaos be impacted?  


Are there any other branding changes/product name changes?  


Will contact information for our Account Teams or other company employees be impacted?  


Is the rebranding associated with an acquisition? Does The Carlyle Group still own the company?  


Why are we still seeing the old logo or old name in some places?  


How long will it take to finalize the rebranding project?  


Who do I contact if I have additional questions?  

Confidence in Numbers
  • 1,000+ Workforce Management Experts
  • 50 Countries Served
  • 15,000 Global Supplier Relationships
  • 100% Verifiably Vendor Neutral
  • Manage $3 Billion in Spend
  • 4 Global Solutions Centers
  • 5 Patented and Patent-Pending Workflows
  • Founded In 1999
  • Backed by The Carlyle Group



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