NetApp’s Debra McCowan, on the Key to Transformation

Sunday, August 4, 2019

NetApp’s Chief Human Resource Officer, Debra McCowan, shares the importance of balancing progressive organizational design and cultivating diverse talent to win in a highly competitive global market.

“As NetApp’s strategic resource for contingent talent management for nearly ten years, Workforce Logiq is fully partnered with Debra to achieve a consistent candidate experience that leverages the important work she is doing to enhance her employer brand” says Jim Burke, CEO of Workforce Logiq. “Because Debra and her team embrace a balanced approach to their holistic workforce management, NetApp must look and feel like one brand with one Employee Value Proposition whether talent is being recruited for full time or contingent work. Debra’s clear vision for talent planning ensures that NetApp and Workforce Logiq deliver an organizational architecture that gets the right outcomes and talent globally.”

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