In a People Business, Values Matter Most

Workforce Logiq helps companies and talent around the world find each other to help fuel their respective growth. And as a global company, we never take integrity, ethics, and our impact on the world around us for granted.

To document and provide a constant reminder of our guidelines, we publicly and proudly display our commitments to our clients and each other.

Workforce Logiq’s Code of Success


Everyone’s role is related to client success and satisfaction: Know how your day-to-day actions connect to this goal. If you don’t know, ask. If you don’t find a connection, challenge what you’re doing.










*The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated.


Our Commitment to Ethical Business Practices

We have invested in tools to give every Workforce Logiq team member, supplier, and worker ways to confidentially report any concerns. They may submit anonymous complaints in their language of choice to our Global Ethics Hotline via Web at or phone:

  • US/Canada: +1 844 753 3459
  • India: Direct Access – From an outside line dial the direct access number for your location: 000-117. At the English prompt dial 844 753 3459
  • Sweden: Direct Access – From an outside line dial the direct access number for your location: 020-799-111. At the English prompt dial 844 753 3459

Our Commitment to Corporate and Social Responsibility

As a global leader in our field, Workforce Logiq emphasizes the importance of corporate and social responsibility for all of our constituencies, including those in the communities in which we live and work. Building a successful and winning culture means clearly stating and embracing our values, principles, responsibilities, and ethical obligations as Workforce Logiq team members.


Our Commitment to Diversity

We believe organizations have a responsibility to advance diversity and empower all people to participate in the workplace and achieve their potential.

Team Member Diversity

We foster a culture that embraces and values the similarities and differences of people, cultures and ideas. Changing demographics are significantly influencing the workforce and the global movement of people is evolving available talent pools. One in four workers in the U.S. will be 55 or older by 2024 and many are extending retirement well beyond 65 leaving employers faced with motivating and managing five generations of workers. In this changing environment, cultivating a diverse and inclusive approach to talent is more critical than ever.

At Workforce Logiq we are committed to fostering a diverse inclusive workplace and hiring employees of all ages, national origins, ethnic groups, geographic regions, sexual orientation, education level, economic background, and acquired diversity (employees who have a diverse perspective based on travel, education, learning languages, etc.).

We firmly believe that fostering a diverse workplace allows us to adapt more easily to shifting market and consumer demands and increases our business performance. Research by McKinsey found organizations that embrace gender diversity on their executive teams were more competitive and 21% more likely to experience above-average profitability. They also had a 27% likelihood of outperforming their peers on longer-term value creation. And companies with ethnic and cultural diversity, have a 33% likelihood of outperformance on EBIT margin over organizations that are not inclusive.

Talent Supplier Diversity

Diversity is not just about team member inclusivity, it is also about the organizations we choose to do business with – including our talent supplier partners.

Workforce Logiq has developed a diverse network of minority, women, veteran, and other diversity-owned staffing suppliers worldwide, with 25% of our total spend going to suppliers of all ethnic backgrounds, as well as Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs).

We collaborate with diverse suppliers who share our vision of being the best provider of higher value staffing services and quality employment opportunities

Register your firm’s capabilities by completing our Online Supplier Partner Profile Form.

Vendor Diversity

To build on our continued commitment to diversity and inclusion, Workforce Logiq has launched a Vendor Diversity Program. We want to provide more opportunity for economic growth of all businesses, within the communities where we work and live. Our mission is to build relationships with diverse vendors and create a pool of qualified and competitive potential partners, with the ability to supply goods and services, as part of Workforce Logiq’s procurement efforts. The products and services purchased by Workforce Logiq include, professional and consulting services, software and computer peripherals, hardware, office supplies, furnishings, travel and entertainment and etc.

Vendors are welcome to enroll for consideration to become part of our diverse vendor community.

Register your firm by completing our Online Diverse Vendor Profile Form.



We are Committed to Ethical, Non-biased AI

Workforce Logiq has helped hundreds of companies recruit, retain and manage their full-time and contingent workforces.  That means we’ve also helped match hundreds of thousands of individuals with contingent and full-time employment opportunities they may not otherwise have found.

One area we invest in to connect employers and talent at scale — faster and more cost-effectively — is advanced technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning. And as with any technological advancements, their power must be deliberately and carefully marshalled in order to ensure positive impacts for employers—and the individuals they recruit.

Specifically, this means we are committed to a strict set of guidelines to ensure our data science and algorithms are fair and free from bias.  For example:

  • We perform 4-part validated discrimination testing (plus annual retesting), designed and reviewed with outside counsel to:

1. Ensure parameters are free of bias;
2. Review historical data for any hidden bias;
3. Audit results for any statistically significant disparate impact; and
4. Track how users utilize the AI results.

  • Privacy and data protection are designed into our solutions and infrastructure from the beginning—and regularly audited and updated.
  • We do not include candidate-level social media, online search history, or other personal information, including protected class data in our algorithms.
  • We do not knowingly collect personal information from data subjects within the European Union. If we learn we have collected or received personal data from an EU data subject, we will delete that information.
  • If an individual or organization determines that their profile may be incomplete or that inferred or factual information about him or her or their company is incorrect, he or she may propose an addition or a correction.
  • We are compliant with relevant data privacy regulations, including CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) in the United States, and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the European Union.
  • Our internal processes encourage feedback and criticism on any and all aspects of our solutions and technologies, including a global anonymous hotline number on which to report any concerns, including those associated with our data science and data privacy approach.
  • Our Key Science and Industry Advisors provide independent perspectives on our use of data science and algorithms.
  • Above all, we will continue to carefully listen, seek feedback and evolve our business and practices as the market evolves, so that we are at the forefront of ethical AI.
Careers and Partnerships

Workforce Logiq is always looking for great talent to help us reimagine and transform how organizations win the talent they need to grow.

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