Our Mission

Workforce Logiq’s mission is to deliver the expertise, continuous innovation, and insight to reimagine and transform how your organization wins the talent it needs to grow.

Workforce Logiq is a leading provider of global workforce management and universal sourcing solutions, helping you achieve greater management, performance, and financial control over your global workforce and talent supply chains.

Our recent acquisition of ENGAGE Talent, a leader in predictive analytics for workforce recruiting, retention, and business intelligence, plus our exclusive partnership with Upwork, means we are now the partner of choice to address all or individual elements of your workforce management acquisition and retention programs, including full-time, contingent, and freelance/”gig” workers.

Watch an Unexpected Conversation: Reimagining Workforce Management

Helping You Win the Talent to Grow with:

Workforce Logiq gives you exclusive access to patent-pending, predictive recruiting and retention insights, plus peer and industry benchmarks, advanced analytics, AI-powered workflows that help you predict more and react less.

Confidence comes with experience and consistent delivery. With 19 years under our belts, Workforce Logiq has over 1,000 expert guides serving organizations in more than 50 countries who can help you optimize spend, mitigate risk, and increase the performance of your global workforce management program.

Your bottom line: hire the right talent at the best possible cost. By giving you real-time access to purpose-built performance dashboards, metrics and benchmarks, Workforce Logiq helps you measure performance and progress across your entire global workforce.

Our Rebrand–We Changed Our Name. And Raised Our Game.

In January, 2019 we changed our name from ZeroChaos to Workforce Logiq.   Our new name and brand reflects who we are and where we are leading the company – with an unmatched combination of human and data-driven intelligence to help clients achieve greater management, performance and financial control over their global workforce and talent supply chains.

Our Prediction: The Future Is Even Brighter for Employers

In October of 2019 we acquired ENGAGE Talent, a leader in predictive analytics for workforce recruiting, retention, and business intelligence. With ENGAGE, you now have access to predictive AI-powered algorithms that intake, score, and define proprietary metrics to help you make proactive decisions about who and what types of talent you should be targeting, and when, how and even with what messaging to target them.

Meet the Workforce Logiq family of companies:

ENGAGE Talent, a leader in predictive analytics for workforce recruiting, retention, and business intelligence. Click here to learn more. A comprehensive payroll solution exclusively designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Click here to learn more. Simplified, mobile screening services to help great companies hire great talent faster. Click here to learn more.


Confidence in Numbers
  • 1,000+ Workforce Management Experts
  • 50+ Countries Served
  • 8,000 Global Supplier Relationships
  • 100% Verifiably Vendor Neutral
  • Manage $3 Billion in Spend
  • 4 Global Solutions Centers
  • 7 Patented and Patent-Pending Workflows
  • Founded In 1999
  • Backed by The Carlyle Group
  • A Complete Solutions Suite for Global Talent Management









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