Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month at Workforce Logiq: Q&A with Yasmin Garcia

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

We’re closing out National Hispanic Heritage Month for 2021 with a well-deserved celebration of Yasmin Garcia, a program manager at Workforce Logiq leading more than 30 unique client programs!  Check out her story!

Question 1: Which country (or countries) are your ancestors from? Mexico.  My mom is originally from Michoacán.

Question 2: How are you going to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage month? By sharing my story on how I was one of the original founders of  Purdue’s Latino Cultural Center.

Editors Note:  Click here for a great article on the Purdue University website for more information. Excerpts from the article follow.

Inspired by the 2001 National Hispanic Heritage Month, Yasmin, and a handful of her Latinx student peers at Purdue University formed the first Latino Student Union on their campus.  This first step quickly blossomed into an expanded vision to establish a cultural center, which became an official reality in April 2003.

When it was first established, there were 897 Latino students (undergraduate, graduate, and professional) at Purdue’s West Lafayette campus. This year, twenty years later, that number has grown to 2,932.  And, what was once a dream is an integral part of the Purdue campus with three full-time employees, two graduate assistants and four undergraduate student employees.

Today, the center that Yasmin helped establish is a place for faculty as well as students and staff to connect and hold events. But it also has grown into a model of student success programming. In addition to the tutoring and academic support provided there, student affairs professionals are on site weekly providing advising, counseling and career coaching.

Question 3: How do you bring your “full self” to work in your day-to-day interactions at Workforce Logiq?  My culture, my family, and upbringing are a huge reason why I always strive to be the best each and every day.

Congratulations Yasmin.  Thank you for sharing such a great accomplishment and such an important part of your story.