A Look at Workforce Logiq’s Exclusive Partnership with LinkUp

Monday, June 14, 2021

When we introduced our IQ Rate Optimizer℠ in April, we shared the solution is unique in that it leverages millions of monthly job postings in its delivery of prescriptive compensation insights. We’re able to use these high-quality job postings as inputs in our algorithms because of an exciting new and exclusive partnership we’re announcing today with LinkUp, the leading provider of global job market data and analytics.

Workforce Logiq and LinkUp have teamed up to offer the first 360-degree and predictive view of the labor market. LinkUp’s predictive demand data is a perfect complement to Workforce Logiq’s talent supply intelligence. Our alliance creates an integrated, deep, and data-driven picture of both sides of the labor market, giving employers a competitive edge to win and retain workers in today’s constantly evolving landscape.

What does this mean for Workforce Logiq clients?

Our global clients now have exclusive access to transformative intelligence they can’t get anywhere else. This complete picture of the labor market equips our clients to better understand the competitiveness of specific markets. You’ll be able to see the full-time and contingent roles competitors are actively looking for, the skills most in-demand, and more. The powerful, predictive insights uncover your biggest talent-related risks and opportunities and give you the strategic tools to win the talent you need to build an optimal workforce.

LinkUp’s insights also enhance our 16 existing patented and patent-pending algorithms. With LinkUp’s data seamlessly integrated within our IQ Location Optimizer℠, IQ Rate Optimizer℠, Talent Retention Risk (TRR) Scores℠ , and more, clients are better equipped all-around to make smarter, cost-effective, and impactful talent decisions.

How do LinkUp customers benefit?

LinkUp’s financial and capital market customers get special access to our anonymized volatility, job, skills, and company-level data, which are based on one billion data points, 40,000 sources, and analytics on over 19 million global companies. Coupled with LinkUp’s insights, customers are even better positioned to drive critical environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives and investment strategies.

Why LinkUp?

Unlike other job search engines, LinkUp only indexes jobs posted by companies on their own websites, making it the highest quality index of global job postings on the market. The company indexes five million job postings daily, directly from 50,000 company websites globally and 195 countries. By not pulling in listings from job boards, LinkUp data doesn’t include job posting duplication, expired listings, and job board pollution, including fraudulent posts, which can be common with other providers.

LinkUp verifies, augments, and analyzes its labor demand data to deliver predictive and actionable job market insights at a macroeconomic, sector, geographic, and individual company level. Organizations can use LinkUp’s data in really cool ways, including forecasting payroll, predicting job growth trends in cities, states, and countries, understanding which sectors are growing or struggling based on labor demand, and more.

LinkUp’s vision and mission around predictive intelligence aligns very well with Workforce Logiq’s approach. We’re excited to welcome LinkUp as an exclusive partner.

Learn more about the Workforce Logiq and LinkUp partnership.

Stay tuned for subsequent posts in this blog series, which will cover the specific capabilities of our new IQ Rate Optimizer.


Joe Hanna, Chief Strategy Officer, Workforce Logiq, Managing Director, ENGAGE Talent

Joe Hanna joined the executive team as Chief Strategy Officer, Workforce Logiq and Managing Director, ENGAGE Talent in October 2019 with the acquisition of ENGAGE.

Joe founded ENGAGE in 2015 and served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer leveraging his long experience in enterprise applications, predictive analytics, and building technology businesses.

He previously held executive positions with both Fortune 500 companies as well as startups. Joe is obsessed with taking on tough challenges – including connecting the dots between the millions of data feeds we process every day – or navigating grueling offshore sailing races!

Joe holds a B.Sc. in Software Engineering from Alexandria University and an MBA from Duke University where he was named a Fuqua Scholar.

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