We #ChooseToChallenge at Workforce Logiq

Friday, March 5, 2021

International Women’s Day (IWD) – March 8th –  is an opportunity to pause for action.

Pause to recognize and celebrate the critical and countless achievements of women.

Act to accelerate progress on gender parity – globally.

We are proud of the diversity of our workforce – and the representation of women across our global organization.  For example, in the U.S., 67% of our Directors, VPs, SVPs, and EVPs, 65% of our managers, and 70% of all other team members are women – all well above the 46% benchmark for women professionals in the workforce cited by the World Bank.  The numbers count; the contributions are immeasurable.

Meet some of our inspiring and inspired women leading our global company.  We’ll be sharing their stories today to mark IWD – and throughout March as part of our recognition of Women’s History Month.  And, we will partner every day and every month to ensure we continue to build an inclusive workplace at Workforce Logiq and partner with our clients on their journey to do the same.

Anamika Singh, VP, Client Services, India and APAC.

Location: Bangalore, India

What is the best thing about your job?  I get to experience new challenges every day. That means I have the opportunity to be creative and come up with new solutions every day with my global colleagues, too.

What woman has inspired you most in your career (or life)?  My mother. Even with all of her competing responsibilities, she has been an incredible support, and always available to listen and advise me throughout my life and career.

What do you #ChoosetoChallenge?  To create awareness that every individual has unique strengths, regardless of  their gender, cast, creed, or nationality.  I challenge us all to respect, value, appreciate, and celebrate this diversity to make the world a bit better for everyone.


Dr. Christy Petrosso, Chief Data Scientist and Talent Economist

Location: Charleston, South Carolina, USA

What is the best thing about your job? The best thing?  Do I have to pick just one thing?  I love that I get to help people find solutions and insights through data.  But,  one of the best things about my job is the smart, talented, dedicated people that I get to  work with every day.

What woman has inspired you most in your career (or life)?

My sister.  Her strength and determination, along with her outgoing nature have been an inspiration to me since I was a child. When we were young ,it probably drove her crazy that I wanted to do everything that she did, play basketball, lifeguard at the local swimming pool and all kinds of other things.  But, when she was in a car accident at the age of 18 that left her with a spinal cord injury requiring her to use a wheelchair for the rest of her life, she proved to me and to the world that if you are creative, hardworking, and determined … you can literally accomplish anything.  These days she is the leader of a technology team at a large financial institution.

What do you #ChoosetoChallenge?  My own biases and assumptions and try to encourage others to do the same.  We bring our whole selves to work every day.  It’s critical, especially in my role as a data scientist, to figure out how that may affect the work that I do and the people with whom I interact with so closely.


Frida Andersson, VP Client Services, Nordics

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

What is the best thing about your job? I think my job is very creative. Finding solutions to our customers’ challenges and creating value for them creates a sense of accomplishment for me. I also get to work with a lot of different people on a daily basis – it’s a very social job!

What woman has inspired you most in your career (or life)? I´m not sure a have one in particular; different women have inspired me in different ways. I´m forever grateful to my riding instructor during my younger years. She taught me that hard work and focus on the task pays off. That mindset has proved useful in life in general, not just on horseback.

What do you #ChoosetoChallenge? To improve financial inequality.  Women still own fewer businesses, earn less for the same job, and are underrepresented in leadership and board roles.  I know both women and men have a lot to win if we close these gaps.


Monique Gonggrijp-Bello, General Counsel

Location: London, UK

What is the best thing about your job? Challenges. And the fact that no two days are the same; each day is completely new!  I thrive on that energy and diversity of experiences.

What woman has inspired you most in your career (or life)? Florence Nightingale.  I have been inspired that despite coming from a wealthy British family, with a Cambridge educated father who belonged to elite social circles, Florence was determined to dedicate her life to work extremely hard and to look after the less fortunate.  While accustomed to comfortable living, she was not encumbered by it – and remained determined to become a nurse and help those who needed help.  I am a strong believer in hard work, perseverance, learning from mistakes, and acknowledging that the only meaningful race in life is the race against yourself  – provided you pause to help as many others as you can along the journey.

What do you #ChoosetoChallenge? To not lose track of celebrating those women who have paved the way for all people before us.  Representation is inspiring and fuels the energy and ambition it takes to make a difference.


Carol Lopez, Director, Administration

Location: Orlando, Florida, USA

What is the best thing about your job? I thoroughly enjoy both the colleagues I work with – and those I work for.  All are true leaders who came into our company and rolled up their sleeves to understand what we do and to make us all challenge ourselves to better for our clients and ourselves.

What woman has inspired you most in your career (or life)? My mom. She came from Guatemala in 1969 with $20 in her pocket – and didn’t know anyone here.  She left behind my dad and my three older sisters to create something new for all of us: the American Dream.  After four years of sacrifice, she saved enough to bring our family together.  My dreams only came true because of her commitment to me and to countless other family and friends who were always welcomed with open arms to build their life in America too.

What do you #ChoosetoChallenge? To influence the beliefs and actions of others. Even today, it is still hard for many to believe that women can do anything they set their minds and hearts to. I know otherwise.


Laura Kerner, Senior Vice President, Client Services

Location: Laguna Beach, California, USA

What is the best thing about your job? I love that what I do makes a difference in people’s lives. We help our clients solve problems and through those solutions find meaningful work for people.

What woman has inspired you most in your career (or life)? There are many, but the two women that had the most impact are my Mom and a former boss with whom I worked for many years.. Growing up, my Mom was an excellent role model and taught me that hard work and personal responsibility will lead to success. She encouraged me to be confident even when others were discouraging me. My former boss promoted me into my first VP role and gave me the freedom to learn from my mistakes while coaching me through it. I still call her for advice.

What do you #ChoosetoChallenge? A world where people are treated fairly and not based on the color of their skin, gender or anything else that is just part of who they are.


Sharda Hebbar, PhD., Senior Product Manager

Location: Dallas, Texas, USA

What is the best thing about your job? The excitement of constantly learning and collaborating with colleagues that have a shared vision, to build an amazing product we all believe in.

What woman has inspired you most in your career (or life)? My mother. She was the driving force, the inner voice gently pushing to excel, to take a seat at the table and lean in. With early emphasis on math & science and a ton of encouragement to explore unchartered territory, I embarked on a journey to the US, strong and fearless, to pursue a doctorate degree. In her own way, my mother instilled gender equality, equally distributing chores amongst us siblings. For her, there were no “boy” or “girl” jobs. She painted a picture of who I could be, and her actions of empathy, kindness, and respect sculpted who I am.

What do you #ChoosetoChallenge? Supporting, mentoring, and celebrating the work and achievements of the talented women I get to work with every day. This challenge brings to the forefront the impact COVID-19 has had on women in the workforce. In just the US, over 2 million women have fallen out of the workforce since the pandemic began. I intend to get involved in pushing policies that will get women back to work.


Laura Klein, Senior Vice President, Client Services

Location: Fair Lawn, New Jersey, USA

What is the best thing about your job? Working with a team of smart, innovative, collaborative, caring, and fun people.  We work hard and deliver outstanding results for our clients and our colleagues. Plus, we find something to laugh about almost every day.

What woman has inspired you most in your career (or life)? My grandmother. She was a staunch proponent of civil rights, equality, and education. In 1963, she was elected Chairman of the NJ Civil Rights Commission. In July 1963 during her term as VP of a national women’s organization, she received an invitation from President Kennedy to go to the White House. He was meeting “…with a group of leaders of women’s organizations throughout the country to discuss those aspects of the nation’s civil rights problem in which women and women’s organizations can play a special role.” My grandmother understood that gender should not limit your capacity for success. She was an amazing role model for me and a woman well ahead of her time.

What do you #ChoosetoChallenge? Myself – to be “more than…” every day. Be more than good, be great. Be more than a boss, be a leader. Be more than a woman in a role previously held only by men; be so good that gender is not a factor. Be a little “more than” every day, but never try to be “better than”. There is a legacy of strong, determined, altruistic women in my family. I strive to live up to that legacy and be “more than” as they did. They challenged me to be “more than” and to never settle for good enough.


Fatime Doczi, Chief Human Resource Officer

Location: New York City, New York, USA

What is the best thing about your job? The most rewarding aspects of my job are helping people on their journey of becoming great leaders and working with diverse individuals around the globe.  I love getting phone calls from former colleagues and hearing about their career progressions, promotions, and accomplishments.  That makes me feel great about my role as an HR leader.

What woman has inspired you most in your career (or life)? During my career, I have been privileged to work with some of the most inspiring, passionate, and intelligent female leaders. One of them is a former colleague who became one of my best friends. She always believed in me, even when I had a difficult time believing in myself. She always grounds me and encourages me to reflect on my accomplishments and integrate my diverse experiences into the work I do every day.

What do you #ChoosetoChallenge? Inequality and other’s beliefs and actions. This is what motivated me to leave Hungary and move to the US. Growing up in communism, women didn’t have much of a chance for a career. One of the reasons I landed in HR is because I wanted people to believe that doing the right thing is worth fighting for. HR can be different – a trusted adviser, someone who is there to help, can assist with developing people, transform companies and leaders, and making sure that everyone is equally important in an organization regardless of titles.


Karen Maarouf, Vice President, Supplier Relations

Location: Fairfield, California, USA

What is the best thing about your job? Every day includes both opportunities to teach others and opportunities to learn.

What woman has inspired you most in your career (or life)?  My 6th-grade math teacher. I grew up when most professional women were either teachers or nurses: both honorable professions but neither of interest to me. She was my first teacher who challenged boys and girls equally. I had many inspiring conversations with her – and I can tell you that I started 6th-grade as shy and insecure and ended 6th-grade knowing that I had a natural talent for math and logic, and that if I worked hard, I could accomplish anything.

What do you #ChoosetoChallenge? Women to own their power and to lift each other up.


Terri Smoot, Vice President, Global Business Development 

Location: Stanford, Virginia, USA

What is the best thing about your job? I have a curious nature, so being able to ask questions about how things work and are made is a great job perk. The best thing is hearing clients’ challenges and finding ways to solve them.

What woman has inspired you most in your career (or life)? Many women in my life and career – each teaching me different things about myself and the world. A fellow volunteer taught me I didn’t have to be loud to be heard. A former boss taught me how to have no fear, to challenge yourself every day, and that work is fun!

What do you #ChoosetoChallenge? Inequality and to influence others by speaking up and being part of the conversation.


Katrina Adams, Director, Operations ESS

Location: Dallas, Texas, USA

What is the best thing about your job? The best thing about my job is the people I work with. There are many other driven individuals who want to succeed, think of others first, and care about the company. All this makes work life easier than at any company I’ve worked.

What woman has inspired you most in your career (or life)? My mother has inspired my life and career the most. She was hard-working and always positive. Her philosophy was that she would never go back and change anything – good or bad – because that made her who she was and helped shape her children into the wonderful people they became – if I do say so myself!

What do you #ChoosetoChallenge?  For everyone to assume positive intent and treat each other with the same equal mindset because at the end of the day, we are all human. There is so much negativity in social media, in the news, and in our day-to-day lives, especially when it comes to beliefs, gender, race, or sexual preferences. I have friends of many differing preferences and beliefs, but we all have similar concerns. If everyone in the world could be more positive, accepting, and open-minded, it would be a much better place to live.


Nancy Hecker, Senior Vice President, VMS Product Management

Location: Jacksonville, Florida, USA

What is the best thing about your job? The ability to collaborate with many people across all lines of the business to bring overall benefit to the company.

What woman has inspired you most in your career (or life)?  Two women – my grandmother and my mother. My grandmother grew up poor, as the daughter of a coal miner, but she still earned two college degrees and was the first female administrator in the California school system. My mother spent her adult life helping others – visiting prisoners, helping the homeless, until she suffered a series of debilitating strokes. In spite of the fact that she has only had the use of one arm for 15 years and struggles to communicate, she maintains a positive and cheerful outlook every single day.

What do you #ChoosetoChallenge?  Gender stereotypes. People are different, regardless and despite gender categories. You cannot assume because someone is a woman or a man that they will behave a certain way. Each person needs to be accepted and respected for their own unique gifts.  In the workplace, you build a better product when you have input from people of different backgrounds, genders, races, and belief systems.  And in life, it’s just a lot more interesting to meet people who defy expectations.


Andrea Sugden, Chief Global Sales Officer

Location: Tampa, Florida, USA

What is the best thing about your job? Having such a great team of people to work with makes it enjoyable to come to work every day and inspires me as a leader to drive my team to success. We have a very collaborative team of sales and support professionals that I am proud to work with!

What woman has inspired you most in your career (or life)? A former leader that taught me to always be a humble and generous leader.  Humility and generosity are two of the most important leadership traits – never expect your team to do anything you would not or cannot do yourself and leading by example.

What do you #ChoosetoChallenge? Women mentoring other women to be the best leaders and helping them achieve their goals.


Workforce Logiq Legal Team

Locations: UK and US – California, Florida, Massachusetts

What is the best thing about your job? The team. We have great teammates who work well together, bringing pieces of a project together to complete a mission; trust and autonomy; the diversity of events – and people on the team.  I think we are one of the most diverse groups at the company!

What woman has inspired you most in your career (or life)? Mom, who has persevered through many obstacles; An older sister, who takes chances and leads the way; Pioneers like Oprah Winfrey, who changed the landscape and created a seat for herself at the table.

What do you #ChoosetoChallenge?

  • Focusing on only the big victories. It’s important to celebrate and acknowledge the small wins throughout our journey.
  • The perception that Women are made of steel. Although we are often tasked with “doing it all,” we get tired physically and emotionally. It’s necessary to have balance and to set realistic goals and boundaries.
  • Pay inequality for women, especially those in marginalized communities who are challenged with a variety of systemic issues. Moreover, during the pandemic many women have had to leave the workforce to care for children, parents, or other family – putting in jeopardy future earning potential, which could have an impact on equity/equality gains.
  • Expanding the notion of women’s issues and being more inclusive in consideration of all communities regardless of beliefs, gender, race, or sexual orientation.
  • Encourage women to be courageous and that it’s okay to reach out to others when we need help – a team member or someone else in our lives. The pandemic has pushed many of us to rely on each other more rather than be so siloed. Hopefully, we will continue on this path.

“It has been my distinct pleasure to work with a diverse team of supremely talented women at Workforce Logiq.  They each bring not only professional excellence, but also a unique perspective to problem solving that is informed by their different life experiences.  As a result, the team has coalesced into a precision legal unit that excels at keeping business moving forward while mitigating risk down to acceptable company parameters.  I am proud to say unequivocally that they are the finest team I have ever worked with.”   –  Mike Passanisi, former General Counsel, Workforce Logiq