Special Report: Predictive Insights to Find, Hire and Retain Today’s Most In-Demand Software Development Skills.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Imitation is the highest form of flattery.  So, Upwork, the world’s largest work marketplace, should be highly flattered that we found their recently announced 15 most in-demand technical skills for independent web, mobile, and software developers.  While really interesting information for freelancers, we know organizations also need to have greater insight to find, hire, and retain these critical skill sets for full-time and contingent workers in today’s hyper-uncertain talent marketplace.

That’s why Workforce Logiq’s expert advisors fired up our Total Talent Intelligence® platform to dig a bit deeper to answer some critical questions we know our clients will have:

  • How likely will candidates with these leading skills be open to unsolicited recruiting calls?
  • Where are the best cities in which to find the most cost-effective and available candidate pools with these skills?
  • How likely will recruited talent with these skills help with an organization’s broader diversity and inclusion initiatives?
  • Do current employees with these skills hold greater retention risk?

Some highlights from more than 40,000 sources, 1 billion+ monthly interactions, and analytics on over 100 million knowledge worker and professional candidates and 8 million organizations in North America.

(And, these kinds of insights are available for all professional job categories and skill sets – in real-time, all the time for our clients …)

First, let’s take a look at the Top 15 skills:

And, now, let’s take a look at some of our predictive insights for these Top 15 technical skills – and what it means for organizations looking to hire – and retain their top technical talent.

High Volatility:  On average, talent with these skill sets are 40% more likely to be open to an unsolicited recruiting call.  While this may be a positive for organizations looking to hire for this top skill, it also means that employers are more at risk of losing these hard won skill sets from their own organizations.  HR leaders for companies requiring any of these volatile skills should ensure they are targeting existing employees with appropriate retention communications and building talent pipelines for future needs.

Low Gender Diversity: On average, talent with these skills sets are mainly men – with only an average of 0.53x the national female professional benchmark.  Talent with jQuery, HTML5, and API Integration skills have the lowest gender diversity.  Organizations will need to focus on (1) retaining any gender diversity they may already have within these skill sets, and (2) leverage diversity algorithms and partner with relevant organizations to identify and attract more female candidates into the recruiting pipeline.

High Ethnic Diversity:  On average, talent with these skills are 65% more likely to be from a diverse ethnic background.  Talent with HTML, MySQL, and API Integration are each more than 2x more likely to be from an underrepresented ethnic group (Black, Hispanic, or Asian).  That means organizations are more likely to drive tangible diversity improvements when recruiting for these skill sets – even when hiring contingent workers who often end up as full-time employees over the course of their temporary engagement.

Check out more insights from our predictive Total Talent Intelligence platform, including the best cities to find talent – and what those employees and prospective talent with multiple of these skill sets looks like compared to our national volatility and diversity benchmarks.