5 Ways ENGAGE Talent Furthers Workforce Logiq’s Future and Vision

Monday, December 23, 2019

We’re sharing five takeaways each week on how our acquisition of ENGAGE Talent transforms hiring and retention strategies for global organizations.

Last week, we highlighted five specific ways ENGAGE’s predictive intelligence can transform your workforce management strategies. This week we look at how these AI-driven models further our own future and vision.

1. We can help organizations get ahead and win the talent they need to grow.

Our mission from day one has been to deliver the expertise, continuous innovation, and insight organizations need to reimagine and transform how they win top talent. The addition of ENGAGE Talent significantly ups the ante with proprietary, predictive insights that enable our clients to make proactive decisions about the types of talent they should be targeting and retaining, when, how, and with what messaging. ENGAGE brings validated, proven, and actionable insights to drive our mission forward, and enable our clients to compete and win — both today and in the future.

2. Our combination of human and data-driven intelligence is unmatched.

Every organization wants the best talent at the best cost. With ENGAGE, Workforce Logiq now offers the market-leading combination of expert advisors, technology, proprietary benchmarks, and patent-pending data science. This technology-driven mix helps companies make faster, smarter, and more cost-effective decisions across the entire talent supply chain.

Investing further in AI and predictive intelligence was a natural next step in our evolution. Our new Total Talent IntelligenceSM platform gives employers previously undiscoverable insights, enabling them to proactively address retention, recruitment, and skill supply and demand gaps by:

  • Accurately identifying and shortlisting candidates most willing and likely to engage with recruiters and prioritizing the most effective channels for known sourcing roles.
  • Predicting current employee retention volatility and recommending individual-specific messaging priorities to keep critical talent onboard – and engaged.
  • Benchmarking talent supply and demand analytics, real-time compensation analyses, and industry and competitive trends and intelligence.

3. Clients get more value out of our entire product and service portfolio.

All our offerings – Managed Service Provider (MSP), Vendor Management System (VMS), Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), and self-sourcing – are now powered by predictive data, analytics, and insights. The result: smarter, faster, and more proactive workforce management decisions.

4. We are even better equipped to innovate and solve customers’ problems on a bigger scale.

With ENGAGE now part of the family, we have even more in-house experts – data scientists, business intelligence specialists, implementation experts, and more – to develop our technology offering, create value, solve problems, and consistently push the boundaries of what’s possible.

In fact, we just filed for our eighth patent on a “Likely to Be Contingent” algorithm that helps companies expand the talent pool by identifying passive candidates most likely to be open to contingent opportunities. It’s the first of many innovations our combined team will create.

5. We are now the partner of choice to address all or individual elements of your workforce management program.

The addition of ENGAGE Talent, plus our exclusive partnership with Upwork, means we’ve got you covered for all or individual elements of your workforce management acquisition and retention programs, including full-time, contingent, and freelance/”gig” workers. Being a partner of choice is a designation we are proud to hold – and one we are committing to honoring with continual innovation, expert guidance, and superior customer service.

Every Workforce Logiq investment, partnership, and product or service offering has been made with a customer-first approach. We are committed to helping you win the talent you need to grow.

Read last week’s 5 for 5 around how ENGAGE’s predictive intelligence can transform your workforce management strategies.

Ready to take the next step? Request a personalized demo to see ENGAGE’s predictive market intelligence in action, and learn how you can seamlessly integrate within our MSP and RPO programs.

David Trachtenberg, Chief Marketing Officer


David Trachtenberg, Chief Marketing Officer

David Trachtenberg joined Workforce Logiq in July 2018, as Chief Marketing Officer. Previously, he was Chief Marketing Officer at Advanced Discovery, a global e-Discovery and risk management firm; Chief Solutions Officer at vRad, the world’s largest telemedicine company; and Chief Marketing Officer at Global Compliance, a leading ethics and compliance services firm. David brings 20+ years of marketing leadership experience in public and private companies, including MCI Communications, StarBand, Prodigy Internet and Bain & Company. He has a BA in International Relations from Tufts University, an MA in International Affairs from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA in Marketing from the Wharton School. David is also on the Board of Governors at the Lauder Institute, University of Pennsylvania.

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