Right Talent, Right Time: The Verifiably Vendor Neutral Promise

Thursday, January 24, 2019

You have to be a fairly lucky HR or procurement professional to get the talent you need, at the exact time you need it and at a budget-friendly price. Thankfully, hiring managers are benefitting from an HR tech boom with innovative efficiency drivers like artificial intelligence (AI) enabling a more organized talent acquisition and management processes, and perhaps more importantly, decreased hiring spend.

While HR technology is growing, the job market continues to tighten. Unemployment rates dipped to the lowest they’ve been since 1969 and organizations are facing major hiring challenges due to a growing skills gap. However, vendor neutral Managed Service Provider (MSP) solutions offer organizations one way to strengthen their workforce management strategy in a challenging, tech-driven labor market.

Forging a strategic partnership with MSPs

Managing hundreds of suppliers and candidates is a juggling act on its own. For this reason, some staffing suppliers offer their own MSPs, but supplier-owned MSPs are often met with major concern from global hiring managers as they can recommend its own firm’s candidates over others, regardless of skill level, price, experience, etc. Organizations need relationships with strong partners that look out for their best interests – not a supplier whose goals and objectives may not be in line with theirs.

Organizations often fail to realize the importance of vendor neutrality until it’s too late. When hiring managers engage in this suboptimal method, they usually get overpriced, mediocre-at-best talent, resulting in high turnover, and a phone call back to the same vendor to complete and restart the cycle. That’s why HR and procurement teams are increasingly doing business with vendor neutral MSPs that don’t put one suppliers’ candidates above others.

Benefit from verifiable vendor neutrality

With vendor neutral MSPs, everyone wins: Candidates, hiring employers, and even the MSPs themselves. In a traditional setting, suppliers could be putting their candidates up against 30 other staffing firms. If a supplier sees that the MSP is biased toward a select group of firms, he’s much less likely to prioritize that requisition over one that he has a better chance of placing.

Vendor neutral MSPs have also gained popularity because they consider all candidates equally and weigh qualifications, experience, education and more to determine the best available talent for a given position. In turn, customers reduce their cycle time and receive competitive market rates for the strongest talent pool available. Vendor neutral MSPs engage with top performing staffing suppliers, and as a result, they receive more competitive rates than organizations can negotiate alone.

They also enjoy streamlined processes thanks to a single solution where hiring professionals can manage the entire acquisition and management process. Vendor neutral MSPs drive a painless hiring strategy, from acquisition to onboarding and management, and offer real-time insights from industry experts for greater transparency into candidate selection, screening and compliance, training and onboarding, and more.

Seven ways to confirm your MSP is verifiably vendor neutral

Before choosing an MSP, the best way to distinguish if they are truly vendor neutral is to ask yourself (or better yet, them) the following questions:

  1. Does your MSP provide staffing services?
  2. Is your MSP financially affiliated with any staffing providers?
  3. Does your MSP follow a defined process for staffing supplier selection based on ability, experience and performance?
  4. Does your MSP evaluate all suppliers against defined service level agreements (SLAs) and follow clearly defined actions when SLAs are not met?
  5. Does your MSP follow a clearly defined requisition distribution process based on supplier abilities, geographic coverage and performance?
  6. Does your MSP provide all suppliers with the same training, coaching, and materials to create an even playing field and encourage healthy competition?
  7. Does your MSP reward strong performance with increased access to requisition activity?

Hopefully, the answer was “no” for questions one and two, and “yes” for the rest. If not, your MSP is not verifiably vendor neutral. The bottom line: Pure and verifiable vendor neutrality ensures the solution provider’s sole goal is to fill its clients’ requisitions with the best talent available, and they’re only concerned with their clients’ success.

With technology disrupting workforce management for HR and procurement professionals, organizations can no longer count on luck to hire great talent at a great price. That’s our verifiably vendor neutral promise.

Workforce Logiq can offer the human touch you’re looking for in a trusted MSP partner. Learn more about our services today.


Karen Maarouf, Vice President, Supplier Relations

Karen leads the Workforce Logiq supplier relations and channel partnership teams.  During her 28 years in the workforce industry, Karen has managed temporary staffing, VMS/MSP implementations, application support, product management, product marketing, account management, and corporate initiatives.  Her teams are dedicated to providing Workforce Logiq customers and partners with the tools, analytics, and best practices needed to optimize workforce processes and quality.

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